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The Shocking Truth About Burger King’s New Veggie Burger Revealed

by | July 17, 2019

Vegetarian Burger King diners were infuriated to learn the shocking truth about the new halloumi veggie burger.

The Shocking Truth About Burger King's New Veggie Burger Revealed
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The Shocking Truth About Burger King’s New Veggie Burger Revealed

Last week the fast-food giant introduced a new halloumi burger to its ever-growing list of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options.

However, according to the Mirror, diners were shocked to find out that the halloumi offering isn’t even vegetarian. While the brand was careful to source halloumi with vegetarian rennet, the halloumi is cooked in a fryer with chicken and fish.

Speaking to the Metro, a spokesperson for Burger King advised that:

“Weโ€™re not operationally able to facilitate separate fryers and oil filtration systems in all of our restaurants. However, this is a focus for us and our team is actively looking into solutions for how we can change this in the future.”

Angry diners have taken to social media to express their outrage. With one customer expressing concern over the fine print:

Let’s hope that in some time, in the not too distant future, the popular fast-food brand can cook the halloumi in a dedicated vegetarian fryer.

Would you still opt for the halloumi offering? Does this kind of cross-contamination of vegan and veggie burger worry you? Let us know in the comments below.

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