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The Vegan Filter: A Web Browser That Helps Shop Only Vegan Products

by | June 12, 2019

A London-based technology startup has come up with an incredible new initiative, putting into use technology to help shop hassle-free. Ask how? By offering vegan filter on sites while shopping, so that only cruelty-free products are displayed. Doesn’t it sound liberating? Learn more here.

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The Vegan Filter: A Web Browser That Helps Shop Only Vegan Products

As advocates of cruelty-free lifestyle, I am sure you’ve learned how to harbor incredible patience in scrolling through endless lists of products on shopping sites, carefully keeping an eagle-eye to pounce on the animal-derivates free items you’re looking for. Now, you might be up for a more streamlined experience. A London-based startup called Xarista, has launched a rather breakthrough vegan filter that comes as a browser extension, which will funnel any third party shopping site products into solely vegan options, automatically eliminating the others, Vegan Food and Living reports.

The best part, the website reportedly has shortcuts to the online portal of shopping sites like Sainsbury’s and Holland & Barrett’s plant-based offerings, making it a smooth experience to shop from. “What if we could only see cruelty-free plant-based products when shopping online?” says Isabella Aberle of Xarista, brains behind The Vegan Filter, speaking to Vegan Food and Living.

Cruelty-Free Plant-Based Shopping the New Default?

The creators of the filter seek to make cruelty-free shopping the new default, which is their ultimate mission. That is reflected in the free-access of the browser, where anyone is open to try and use. As of now, the browser extension will be reportedly limited to shopping food, cosmetics, and fashion, and with time the team will further enhance the product, making it more powerful and expanding the functionality.

What do you think? Go ahead and add-on the vegan filter browser extension from here, and start shopping.

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