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This Vegan Burger Joint Will be Your New Guilty Pleasure

by | December 16, 2018

Happy Food is a spectacular vegan burger restaurant situated in the Portobello neighborhood of Dublin, not far from the extravagantly beautiful Iveagh Gardens. What makes this place truly unique is an upstairs yoga studio, Yoga Hub, where daily classes are held. Taking a challenging flow class before enjoying a Happy Food burger is part of the experience. Although they also serve a complete breakfast, their lunchtime burger menu is the highlight of what they have to offer. Happy Food also has smoothies, desserts and a variety of gluten-free options.

With my partner-in-crime by my side, we navigate our way to the almost-hidden restaurant and made the near-impossible choice of choosing which burgers we wanted. The menu was indeed plant-based with burgers being made from ingredients such as sweet potato, beans, and quinoa. However, many of the items are offered as vegetarian due to cheese being used. Don’t let that discourage you! You can easily modify your burger to be dairy-free. The spicy “Devil Diablo” burger (to veganize, order without cheese or spicy mayo) was just what I needed as a pick-me-up during Dublin’s rainy winter. The Falafel and Sloppy Joe burgers also seemed like great options to veganize. On their lunch menu, you can also find a variety of bowls including pad thai and barbeque tofu “ribs”.

vegan burger

Vegan Burger Restaurant 

We were initially told that the portions were large, and as an American, I didn’t believe it until a six-inch tall vegan burger was sitting on my plate in front of me. Armed with silverware and an empty stomach, I managed to finish almost all of the monstrously large yet satisfying burger. It’s for that reason that I would recommend ordering dessert after your meal, perhaps to-go.  

In addition to the delicious homemade food, the staff at Happy Food are so visibly passionate about plant-based food. They have such a lovely connection with the yoga students upstairs who come down to eat after class and they were very knowledgeable about every ingredient used in their food.

What is your favorite vegan burger joint? Let me know in the comments below.

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