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Tom Brady Launched Vegan Protein Powder in Time for Super Bowl 2019

by | February 2, 2019

How do you get to the Super Bowl nine times? Plant-based, plant-based, plant-based! Plant-based protein powder that is! Quarterback for the New England Patriots, Tom Brady, launched vegan protein powder just in time for the Super Bowl through his brand TB12.

tom brady launched vegan protein powder
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This past Tuesday, Tom Brady launched vegan protein powder that is sure to have his fans excited. The product is pea based and packed with the essential amino acid, lysine, which is key to muscle recovery, and a semi-essential amino acid, arginine, which promotes healing and blood flow.

In a press release, TB12 explains the balanced amino acid profile of the plant-based protein powder will provide your body with the protein that it needs to perform and recover. The powder can be mixed with water or into a smoothie for a “protein-packed punch postgame.”

Tom Brady launched vegan protein powder with zero sugar!

Each serving of TB12 plant-based protein powder packs a powerful 24 grams of protein and has zero grams of sugar. It is available in both vanilla and chocolate flavors, and is organic, vegan, non-GMO, and allergen-friendly, with no artificial preservatives, fillers, or flavors. The bags are $40 each or $36 for a monthly subscription, and they are available for purchase at TB12Sports.com. And honestly, the fact that Tom Brady launched vegan protein powder right before the big game was a great marketing strategy. His fans go HARD.

The legendary quarterback who is headed into his record-breaking ninth Super Bowl credits his performance to his mostly plant-based diet. The football superstar’s diet consists of mostly organic, local, and plant-based foods with no highly processed foods, and a LOT of water. Brady drinks twenty-five glasses a day, at the very least. He is said to avoid nightshades, salt, MSG, white sugar, deli-meat, dairy, and white rice.

Is this plant-based protein powder going to get you to any Super Bowls, let alone NINE? Probably not, but hey, maybe it’s worth a try after your workout.

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