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Useful Tips To Get Long Healthy Hair As A Vegan

by | March 2, 2019

Healthy hair as a vegan isn’t a distant dream. Read ahead for tips on rocking lovely healthy locks on a plant based diet.

When I first began this lifestyle, I will admit that I was suffering from minor hair loss but luckily with advice from my lovely doctor and internet research, I was able to help combat hair loss as well as repairing my dull, dry hair as I grew in more. Here is how you can promote long, healthy hair as a vegan in three steps.

Useful Tips To Get Long Healthy Hair As A Vegan
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Useful Tips To Get Long Healthy Hair As A Vegan

Eat the right nutrients

Having shiny and strong tresses starts with fueling your body with the proper nutrients. Taking a vegan biotin vitamin with coconut oil for healthy hair, skin, and nails have proven to be effective for many. You can alternatively eat larger quantities of super foods such as spinach, nuts, and seeds, and avocados to promote healthier growing hair.

Minimize possible trauma

There are some things we do to our hair that we don’t even realize cause trauma. By minimizing this trauma, you can have your hair looking naturally healthier and steps 1 and 3 will work more efficiently. Try skipping out on the hot tools every so often to let your hair take a break. Look into easy, no heat hairstyles to keep it looking manageable whether you’ll be at work all day or out and about doing errands. Also minimize using harsh hair elastics when tying your hair back, instead use fabric hair ties.

Take care of your ends

Take preventative measures by really babying the ends of your hair. Split ends and breakage can work it’s way up the hair shaft, leaving you with hair that looks, feels, and is unhealthy. Do DIY split end hair treatments in order to stop breakage from working it’s way up too high and to add extra moisture to the dry bits that need some extra love. By mashing an avocado (I use a whole half for my thick, medium length hair) and either a couple of teaspoons of extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil and leaving on your hair for at least 30 minutes, you will have a cruelty free treatment that will leave noticeable results.

What tips do you have for growing long and healthy hair as a vegan? Let me know in the comments below.

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