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Valentine’s Day Inspired Home Made Vegan Chocolate Covered Fruit

by | February 8, 2019

Love chocolates? Try this home made super easy and delicious vegan chocolate covered fruit recipe this February 14th.

This year for Valentine’s Day, ditch the store-bought chocolate that is very questionably vegan and those pre-made unpersonalized edible fruit arrangements. Instead, try a more customizable, budget-friendly, and fun project to gift a loved one this year. This also makes a great family-friendly activity to try together any day of the year, for whenever your kids have a sweet tooth. Here is a recipe for Valentine’s Day inspired vegan chocolate covered fruit.

Valentine’s Day inspired vegan chocolate covered fruit.
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Home Made Vegan Chocolate Covered Fruit


  • strawberries
  • cherries halved and pitted
  • raspberries
  • vegan marshmallows  
  • vegan dark chocolate
  • shredded coconut
  • vegan sprinkles (such as color kitchen’s rainbow sprinkles)
  • chopped peanuts

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Valentine’s Day inspired vegan chocolate covered fruit.


  1. Wash all fruit well and dry with a paper towel. Fruit must be dry in order to properly coat in chocolate.
  2. Roughly chop a bar of vegan dark chocolate into small, similar sized pieces in a microwave safe bowl. Heat the chocolate in the microwave for two minutes or until completely melted (without any chunks) in thirty-second intervals, stirring each time.
  3. Working quickly so that the melted chocolate doesn’t harden, begin by carefully dipping in your fruit of choosing and/or vegan marshmallows using a wooden skewer into the mixture, coating completely. If your chocolate begins to harden, you may reheat it in the microwave as needed so that it keeps a lava-like texture.
  4. If you wish to add toppings to the chocolate layer before the chocolate hardens you may roll the newly chocolate covered items in shredded coconut, finely chopped peanuts, or vegans sprinkles.
  5. Set each item on a parchment paper lined plate or tray and continue until you either run out of your chocolate mixture or fruit.
  6. Once all items have made it to the tray, put it in the fridge to cool for twenty minutes (or overnight if you wish) to make sure that everything sets.
  7. When cooled, very carefully remove chocolate covered items from the parchment paper and organize how you like depending on the occasion and recipient. You may use a clean, heart-shaped box lined with parchment paper to give to a significant other or you may serve with wine at Valentine’s Day party as a table centerpiece.
  8. Enjoy the chocolate covered fruit and vegan marshmallows chilled within 48 hours.
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Your delicious Valentine’s Day home made treats are ready. What is your favorite vegan chocolate covered fruit? Let me know in the comments below.

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