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Vegan Activists Campaigned at Nando’s; Played Slaughtering Footages

by | May 29, 2019

A protest took place at a Nando’s restaurant in Brighton, in the busy hours of the day, with the restaurant filled with guests. Animal rights vegan activists gathered inside the restaurant and played footage of abattoirs where chickens could be allegedly seen tortured. What happened next? Read on to know more.

Vegan Activists Campaigned at Nando’s; Played Slaughtering Footages
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Vegan Activists Campaigned at Nando’s; Played Slaughtering Footages

A group of vegan protestors, last Wednesday campaigned at Nando’s in a bid to press the restaurant to turn their whole menu vegan. In a group of ten, the animal rights activists stormed a Nando’s location in Duke Street and started playing footages of slaughtering chickens in factory farms, reports The Sun

According to Daily Mail, the protestors were asking customers to go vegan at the same time urging the South African restaurant chain to turn their whole menu plant-based. The vegan activists reportedly wore chicken masks as they showed the customers footages of slaughterhouse captured by activists, where the workers could be seen stepping on the birds, breaking their necks.

During the protest was ongoing, workers were still serving the customers. According to multiple media reports, the demo accused the farms of mishandling the birds which supply chickens to Nando’s, Lidl and Asda. One of the protestors told customers that a chicken is a living, thinking and feeling being, adding “A chicken can feel empathy for others too. Shouldn’t we, as human beings, show empathy for these suffering individuals?”

Speaking about the protest, a spokesperson of Occupy Nando’s (the group behind the protest) was quoted as saying-

“The protests are just one part of collective actions in many different ways to achieve a vegan world, where animals and humans are not exploited for our food choices, entertainment or what we wear.

“We urge Nando’s to turn their entire menu vegan.”

Occupy Nando’s protestor via

In a Quest to Make Menus Cruelty-Free

This is not the first time a demonstration by activists is being reported. Vegan activists groups have been trying their best to raise awareness on the inhumanities associated with meat-eating.

Recently, a protest was also reported at Mc Donalds in Brighton. Much like the Nando’s case, activists from Direct Action Everywhere stormed an Mc Donalds wearing pig and chicken masks as they unfolded their protest with chants on loudspeakers. “Has history taught us nothing? A cruel violent and greedy system must be challenged! Who are we to allow innocents to die?” the activists shouted inside the restaurant, The Sun reported. The group of 20-30 protestors allegedly smeared fake blood on the floors saying that the fake blood they’re spilling is nothing to the original that Mc D has spilled. As per reports, one was arrested in the Mc Donalds incident and none in case of the more recent Nando’s.

What do you think about such protests happening quite often? How far do you think are these protests able to achieve what they seek? Let me know your thoughts in comments.

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