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Vegan Brand Gardein to Debut in U.K.

by | November 29, 2018

UK is all set to enjoy the protein goodness of chicken in a Vegan way. Vegan brand Gardein, popular for its vegan protein alternatives, will make it’s U.K. debut on January 2 exclusively at Sainsbury’s supermarkets, the second biggest grocery chain in the United Kingdom.

Vegan Brand Gardein
Vegan Chicken
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The news that will make vegans in the U.K. do a happy dance was announced last week by Gardein’s UK-based social media account. “Hungry for something new? Our 100% plant-based products will let you cheat on meat, coming to the UK this January,” wrote the popular plant-based company.


About Vegan Brand Gardein

Gardein is a product line of meat-free foods made by Garden Protein International in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. In November 2014, Pinnacle Foods purchased Gardein for $154 million.

Gardein specialises in vegan protein such as; chick’n strips, Turk’y cutlets, crispy tenders, bbq chick’n wings, fishless filets, meatless meatballs, Szechuan beefless strips, holiday roasts, veggie burgers, crabless cakes, breakfast patties, and ready-meal bowls, to name but a few. They also have a line of gluten-free meatless products.

Posted on their website, Gardein shares a little about the company: “About 25 years ago, Vegan Brand- Gardein(™) was founded by a Canadian chef and culinary expert. His vision was around using the power of vegetables to create a healthy fast food, and from this dream he developed gardein(™). For people seeking a healthier lifestyle, gardein(™) is the delicious, simple meal solution that allows you to enjoy all your favorite foods in a way that’s kind to both you and the planet. Each chef-created gardein(™) recipe is personally crafted to deliver the best taste, quality, and texture most like meat. The number of people that share our dream is more than we ever imagined. As we continue to grow, so does our commitment to our vision of making the world a healthier, more sustainable place.”

Vegan Brand Gardein is expected to launch in Sainsbury’s stores next January.


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