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Vegan Cookie Company Sees Massive Sales Boost Amid Support For BLM

by | July 3, 2020

A vegan cookie company in San Diego has experienced close to a 10,000 percent rise in sales amid support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The founder of Maya’s Cookies — Maya Madsen — reported that sales shot up to 2,000 orders a day as support has grown for Black-owned businesses.

“Support Black Communities”

“With the horrific death of George Floyd, we have all witnessed this awakening in America of people finally ready to take action to address racial inequality and injustice,” said Madsen.

“There has been this incredible surge of people wanting to do something to support Black communities and specifically Black-owned businesses.”

The company has now hired new staff to help meet demand, and increased the size of its kitchen, as well as opening a new warehouse and shipping facility.

mayas vegan cookie company
The vegan cookie company has seen a massive spike in sales (Maya’s Cookies/Instagram)

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Vegan Cookie Company

Maya’s Cookies makes handmade gourmet cookies for online delivery across the US, and also sells its creations at a number of farmers markets and outlets in San Diego.

The company is now supporting other small businesses in the local area, as well as working to help people get started in business.

“Sharing Keys To My Success”

“Beyond just the challenges of being a small business owner, I know first-hand some of the additional roadblocks that face Black and female entrepreneurs,” said Madsen.

“Sharing keys to my success means I can contribute to building a stronger business community.”

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