Credits: A Prayer For Compassion website

Vegan Documentary- A Prayer for Compassion to Premier On March 5th

by | February 13, 2019

Thomas Jackson, award-winning director-producer, and author-educator Victoria Moran’s new feature-length vegan documentary, A Prayer for Compassion, will premiere New York City on March 5th, the day before the start of Lent.


Vegan Documentary- A Prayer for Compassion to Premier On March 5th
Credits: A Prayer For Compassion website

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Vegan Documentary- A Prayer for Compassion to Premier On March 5th

The vegan documentary urges people living a spiritual or religious lifestyle, to become more empathetic, by including all forms of life within their circle of compassion.

A Prayer for Compassion documents Thomas’s journey across America, Morocco, and the Indian subcontinent asking questions like, “Can compassion grow to include all beings and how will people of faith respond to the call to include all of the planet’s inhabitants in a circle of respect, caring and love?”

The film asks that people of all faiths and spiritual seekers to join forces to bring about a world in which people and animals can live together in peace, harmony and mutual respect.

Credits: A Prayer For Compassion website

The premiere event will be held at 8 pm on March 5 at the School of Visual Arts Theatre in New York. Tickets are $17 general admission and Q & A, and $75 for a VIP ticket, where guests will attend a catered, pre-screening reception.

The feature-length documentary will officially be released in select theatres, community centers, and churches on March 6th. Visit the Tugg page for a list of locations and information on how to facilitate a screening at their local parish or community center.

The producers have announced a partnership between the documentary and Million Dollar Vegan. A campaign that has called on Pope Francis to go vegan for Lent.

Credits: A Prayer For Compassion website

Thomas Jackson is an award-winning filmmaker, photographer, and musician. He has a Masters from Florida State University’s College of Motion Picture Arts, where his thesis film won the Student Academy Award and Student Emmy Award. Thomas lives in North Florida with his 6-year-old daughter Melody, who is also featured in the movie.

Victoria Moran is the author of 13 books on well-being and contemporary spirituality, including Main Street Vegan and Creating a Charmed Life. Victoria hosts the Main Street Vegan radio show and is the director of the Main Street Vegan Academy. Victoria has appeared on Oprah twice and voted Peta’s “Sexiest Vegan Over 50” in 2016.

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