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Vegan Food Brand Meatless Farm Launches Provocative Ad Campaign

by | August 3, 2020

Vegan food brand Meatless Farm has launched a new ad campaign across the UK to mixed reactions from the public.

The campaign features an older adult holding a burger with the caption, “NOW THAT’S A M… F… BURGER!.”

The plant-based company has called the new campaign “light-hearted,” however, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has said it will investigate the advert for “decency.”

“Light-Hearted And Fun”

“We felt the nation needed a bit of a lift as it’s been a tough time for everyone,” said Michael Hunter, Meatless Farm’s chief growth officer.

“So more than ever we wanted to create something light-hearted and fun that consumers would remember when they are looking for alternatives to meat.”

The £1.5 million campaign will appear on television and radio, as well as billboards, social media adverts and supermarket packaging.

meatless farm products
The company says its food looks and tastes like animal meat (Meatless Farm/Instagram)

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Meatless Farm

Meatless Farm states that its range of vegan burgers, mince, and sausages — which are made from pea protein — look and taste like animal meat.

Figures show that the company is the fastest growing meat-free brand in the UK, with consistent annual growth of approximately 10 percent.

Meatless Farm has reported a huge boost in interest during the coronavirus lockdown, with data showing sales have tripled. 

“A Surge In Sales”

“Throughout lockdown we’ve seen a surge in sales, with more and more Brits trying or considering making the swap to plant-based, even if it is just once a week,” said Hunter.

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