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Vegan Therapy: Sensational Cow Cuddle is a Thing. Know More About It Here

by | March 26, 2019

How many different types of therapy could you imagine? Sure, there are many. In the latest addition to the vegan therapy stock, cow cuddling is the next thing. Yes, you’ve heard that right. You can get to cuddle the furry moos as much as you want, and this time you’ll pay for it! Sounds intriguing? Get to know more about it here.

Cow Cuddling is a Thing

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You’re doing yoga, and suddenly a rough tongue comes near your belly and licks. This is likely to happen when you enroll yourself in a ‘goat yoga,’ yeah. Similarly, cats would be purring around yourself, and rubbing their bodies on you as you try to connect yourself with the divine if you’re into a ‘cat yoga.’ (I know you can’t stop Awwww-ing. I couldn’t). We‘re not making these up, they’re absolutely for real. So if there can be goat yoga and cat yoga and even a bunny yoga, cow cuddling shouldn’t be bizarre. I am thrilled to know this is in the news.

The new therapeutic sensation- cow cuddling is available instead of payment. Mountain Horse farm from upstate, New York has the “Horse and Cow Experience” for the ones interested in savoring the embrace of 1000lb gentle farm beasts. The sound of it makes me excited! The program allows you to spend quality time with your favorite barnyard animal, as you can play, cuddle and even brush them for delight.

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The ‘Awwww-worthy’ Offering

The farm- “Horse & Cow Experience” gives animal lovers a unique opportunity that “can bring relaxation, healing, awareness about your body language, comfort, mindfulness, build assertiveness, help with overcoming fear, build confidence, lets you be playful and teaches you to set boundaries,” Business Insider reported. According to their website, cows have a body temperature higher than humans, and their heart rate is slower too. Getting to feel the lower heart rate and the slightly higher temperature is very therapeutic. According to the farm, barnyard animals even pick up human emotions that are going inside them, and they respond to it without ego or judgment (Where else do you get such a shoulder?)

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“They will pick up on what’s going on inside and sense if you are happy, sad, feel lost, anxious or are excited, and they will respond to that without judgment, ego or agenda,” says the website. 

“It’s a fun and very relaxing experience. We can’t guarantee that the cows will be lying down. It’s not a trained skill but their natural behavior, and that may or may not happen,” reads their website. For a 60 minute session, you’ll be shedding $75 for two people. They have other rates and accommodations as well.

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Science backs the fact of benefits that come with interacting with animals. But for me, it has been an instinct. I find extraordinary satisfaction in communicating with the animal, and this thing (cow cuddle) is a whole new level. I am sure all of you would see it similarly. Let me know your thought in the comments below.

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