Watch: This Baby Was Born With It’s Amniotic Sac Still Intact

by | November 9, 2018

Many cultures consider a baby born en caul (still in the amniotic sac) a sign of good luck.

In extremely rare cases – called an “en caul birth” — a baby emerges fully inside it, which looks like a thin and filmy membrane.

With less than one in every 80,000 babies born en caul, it comes as no surprise that superstitions and stories surround this mysterious and rare phenomenon. Babies lucky enough to come into this world covered in their caul are said to be lucky and have a special affinity for water.

Fechando a noite com um parto empelicado. Já ouviram falar?O parto empelicado é quando a bolsa não se rompe. Lindo de ver né? ♥️ O bebê não corre perigo pois ainda está recebendo oxigênio pelo cordão umbilical. 󾍘🏻#partoempelicado #consultoramaterna #obstetraParto empelicado em Barretos SPEquipe Centro Obstétrico Dr. WALDEMAR cirurgião Dra Jane Auxiliar Te. ALESSANDRA vídeo de @gisele.correa_ Facebook Gih Flor de Lis

Posted by Assessoria Mamãe – Instituto on Monday, August 8, 2016

What Usually Happens To The Amniotic Sac

In most cases, the amniotic sac breaks on its own during birth, which is commonly referred to as a mother’s ‘water breaking’, but not this time! Just as these births are extremely rare, they are also extremely beautiful. For women who are lucky enough to have a birth photographer present with them during delivery (or a quick-thinking spouse with a camera), the photos can be truly amazing. In this case, the sac was still completely intact with the baby curled up inside. Pretty amazing!

“Closing the night with a delivery inside the amniotic sac,” reads the post on the Assessoria Mamãe – Instituto maternity clinic page. “Have you ever heard? Amniotic childbirth is when the sac doesn’t break. Beautiful to see huh?”


Sometimes, a baby is born with just a piece of the caul attached to the head and face. Babies born in this way are sometimes said to have been ‘born with a veil’ or ‘born in a shirt.’ This is harmless and the piece of membrane is easily removed by the doctor or midwife. The attending practitioner places a small incision in the membrane across the nostrils so that the child can breathe. The loops are then carefully un-looped from behind the ears. Then, the remainder of the caul can either be peeled back from the skin or rubbed with a sheet of paper, which is then peeled back from the skin.

Amniotic Sac
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Famous People Born in an amniotic sac

Lord Byron
Sigmund Freud

Julie Nealon

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