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Why Are Christmas Gifts So Expensive? This Single Mom Has Had Enough

by | December 14, 2018

I have to be honest, for many reasons I’m dreading giving Christmas gifts this year. The holidays have always been my favorite time of the year. It’s all about family being together, and watching my little ones faces light up on Christmas morning when they see that Santa has been and gone. Well, this year is going to be different, a whole lot different.

The family won’t be together, in fact, we’ll all be in different corners of the globe. It’s going to be weird and for the kid’s sakes, I’m going to try really hard to put on my game face and be that happy, jolly mom that I’ve been in the past. I should be able to suck it up, maybe I’ll just have one glass of wine with dinner so I don’t get all emotional.

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Change in Christmas Gifts This Year 

The other reason that Christmas is going to be so different this year is the number of Christmas gifts my kids are going to get, or should I say the number of presents they’re NOT going to get. In previous years they’ve been spoiled rotten. Anything they’ve asked for has been happily bought, wrapped and stuck under the tree. They’ve been very lucky kids.

As my boys get older, they’re in their teens now, their wishlists get longer and way more expensive. Instead of asking for a train set and legos, they want gaming computers, laptops and designer clothes. As a single mom, I just can’t keep up with that anymore. It’s gotten out of control and it’s just too much. I’m stressed to bits and I feel like they don’t even appreciate it anyway. Last year on Christmas day, I walked into my son’s room after I heard a crash. There was his brand new laptop laying on the ground after falling off the pile of laundry that it had been carelessly tossed on top of.

This year Santa is on a tight budget, and she’s also on a mission. A mission to teach my kids to be appreciative for what they get, instead of just expecting stuff and not really taking care of it. I’ve told them that they can pick four things each. Something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. I didn’t come up with this concept myself, I read about it one day and I thought it was a fantastic idea.

I figure if they have to really think long and hard about that one thing that they want, maybe they’ll appreciate it (and me) more. As far as something they need, my one son has asked for a new backpack for school, perfect. Maybe I can use that as wrapping and put the rest of his stuff in it. Teens grow fast, so the something to wear really helps me a lot. Thankfully my boys are avid readers and they genuinely get excited about getting a new book.

So we’ll see how it goes on Christmas morning. There definitely won’t be any pictures posted to Facebook of heaping mounds of presents, but I think there’ll be lots of happy smiles from appreciative kids and a momma who’s just happy that we’re together.

Are you going to implement the four gift rule this year, or have you done it in the past? Let us know in the comments.

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