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Kim Kardashian Reveals Plant-Based Diet Helps With Staying in Shape

by | July 15, 2019

Love her or not, there’s one fact about Kim Kardashian each and every one of us unanimously agree to: she has an enviable figure. People even joke about getting ribs removed to squeeze into her tiny-waist dress size. Well, the mystery is almost over, as the social media sensation herself revealed the secret to her iconic figure.

Wished You Had The Iconic Figure of Kim Kardashian? Go Vegan Then!
Credits: @KimKardashian/ Twitter

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Wish to Have the Iconic Figure of Kim Kardashian? Go Vegan!

An Instagram story clip emerged recently, wherein best pals Kim and Anastasia Soare are seen talking. The cosmetic company, Anastasia Beverly Hills, Founder asks Kim what is the secret to her figure. “Please explain to me how it is possible. I have known you for so many years. I have never seen you like this. I swear,” remarks Soare.

Kim replies with a smile reflecting on how she thinks being vegan has helped her achieve the much-talked-about figure.

It has been quite a while since Kim Kardashian first revealed she is switching to a plant-based diet. Later, she took to Instagram to declare she has stopped wearing animal fur. In fact, she had all her favorite fur coats remade with faux fur.

We hope Kim’s love for a cruelty-free lifestyle doesn’t fade into oblivion with time. Keep rocking the vegan life, Kim!

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