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250% Sales Boom For Vegan Alternative Beyond Meat

by | October 29, 2019

Plant-based meat brand Beyond Meat has announced a massive $4.1 million in sales over the last three months.

When compared to the same period last year, these figures show a 250 percent increase in sales, with the company currently declaring a net revenue of $92 million.

The results “reflect continued momentum across our business and mark an important milestone as we achieved our first ever quarter of net income,” said Ethan Brown, the company’s president and CEO.

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Sales have boomed for the plant-based brand (Source: calimedia / Shutterstock.com)

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Vegan Competition For Beyond Meat

Although Beyond Meat has worked hard to secure a place in the meat-free market, other plant-based brands are making major moves too.

The Impossible Whopper by Impossible Foods is reportedly a huge hit at Burger King restaurants across the US. Impossible Foods is now working to secure a presence in Europe, having made a recent application to sell there.

Nestle has also thrown its hat into the vegan substitutes ring, and is launching in the US next month.

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