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Impossible Foods Retail Launch Days Away

by | September 16, 2019

Meat-alternative giant Impossible Foods is about to launch its first retail product.

Consumers will soon have access to 12oz packages of the brand’s ground-beef alternative, which they can prepare at home.

The exact city of the launch is as-yet undisclosed, but the brand’s website says that its product will hit grocers in select regions this month.

While this is the first retail launch of the product, which controversially required animal testing to be approved by the FDA, it is already available at a number of restaurants. Chains stocking the brand’s meat alternatives include Burger King, Little Caesar’s and Bareburger. The product has proven successful with meat eaters, and plant-based diners alike.

Impossible Burger
(Source: Impossible Foods)

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Impossible Foods: Not Quite Vegan?

Vegans should note that, while they are entirely free of animal products, the meat-free brand’s products have sparked significant debate online and are not generally considered to be vegan, but plant based. This is based on the fact that animal testing was used in the early stages of the meat alternatives’ development.

Do you think the undisclosed city is Miami or LA? Would you buy the brand’s products? Have you tried its flagship burger? What chain do you think it will partner with next? We want to hear your thoughts. Leave them in the comments below.


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