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Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Getting Your First Family Pet

by | March 31, 2019

Getting your first family pet? Before you jump on the fur baby parenting bandwagon, ask yourself these important questions to know how prepared you are!

Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Getting Your First Family Pet
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Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Getting Your First Family Pet

You’re proud to announce the soon arrival of the newest addition to your family. Is it a girl? A boy? Twins? Well, he has fur and walks on four legs. Introducing your first family pet to your household is a whirlwind of an experience (and I mean this in the absolute best way possible). The journey from deciding your family is ready for a pet, to visiting animals at local shelters, to finally bringing your new fur baby home is one that takes time, careful planning, and an immense amount of time and patience. The payback on having an animal in your family’s life is unbeatable, especially for young children. If you’re in the process of looking to add a new fur baby to your family, here are 5 questions you should ask yourself first to ensure that your household will be prepared for this new arrival.

What type of pet fits our lifestyle?

There are as many different pet personalities as there are human personalities so it is vital to choose an animal compatible with you and your family’s lifestyles. Whether your family loves camping and hiking, or prefer to stay at home for family time on weekends, choose a pet with a similar energy level as your household.

How much time can we realistically make for our pet?

Some countries offer “paw-ternity” leave when workers get new pets and it’s for a good reason- having a new animal welcomed into their new home requires a lot of time. If you and your significant other are working full-time and the house is empty for almost the whole day, maybe an energetic, people-loving dog isn’t the best idea. Think about how much time you really can dedicate to the pet for walks, vet appointments, bath time, play time, and so forth.

Will I/Can I raise my pet on a vegan or vegetarian diet?

Some animals can still thrive on a vegan or vegetarian diet and some simply can not. It is up to you and the veterinary specialist to discuss options as far as diet goes for the new pet to see if it’s possible. If your animal can’t survive on a vegan diet,  it may be a sacrifice you have to make in the cat food aisle for the health and livelihood of your beloved pet.

Read what a canine nutrition expert has to say over raising dogs on plant based diet.

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Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Getting Your First Family Pet

How long is my pet expected to live for?

Different animals and breeds of animals have different life expectancy. It differs vastly from animal to animal. It is important to research this before choosing who to adopt. Keep in mind that older animals need love too, not just puppies and kittens.

Can our family commit to our pet’s lifespan?

As stated above, life expectancy vastly differs and it is important to see that the family is able to commit to take care of an animal for however long they may be around for. If you are unsure about the living situation and maybe making a big move sometime in the future, it is best to hold off until you are settled in the new place to ensure there is sufficient space for the new pet to live and thrive (and that the landlord is alright with animals)

Do you have pets? How did you feel while getting your first family pet? What advice do you have for first-time pet owners? Let me know in the comments below.

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