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Awesome Vegan Decorations For Graduation Caps That You Will Absolutely Love

by | May 8, 2019

Looking for suggestions on vegan decorations for graduation caps? Here’s a piece of advice. Keep reading…

Graduation is a special time for both the graduates of either high school or university as well as their families. Decorating a graduation cap is an integral part of the process, it’s a great way to show whatever message that you want to put out in the world as one celebrates their accomplishments. My high school banned decorated caps (as well as leis, cultural sashes, etc…) so when I graduated from university, I went all out with decorating my cap- I’m talking rhinestones, glitter, and a lot of glue.

If veganism is important to your teen or adult child, why not use it as a way to decorate their graduation cap? With everything from cute to funny designs, the possibilities are endless when it comes to personalizing this memento. Need inspiration for decorating a vegan-pride graduation cap? We’ve got you covered. Here are our favorite vegan decorations for graduation caps to inspire you.

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Awesome Vegan Decorations For Graduation Caps That You Will Absolutely Love

Awesome Vegan Decorations For Graduation Caps That You Will Absolutely Love

A loud and clear message on animal liberation may be one that you are looking for when it comes to a graduation cap design! This one is awesome!

All vegan cat-moms can relate to this cap. I went through 4 years of misery for US, Mister Whiskers!

If your graduate’s Instagram is filled with heartwarming photos of their fur baby, showing them off at graduation is the logical choice.

Being vegan is a very humbling lifestyle! If your graduate is looking for a more modest way to get their message across, this is a beautiful way to do it. You can optionally glue fake flowers to the cap instead of painted ones to give the cap a 3-Dimensional aspect.

Love Drake? So do I, so when I saw this cap I was jealous that I didn’t think of this idea myself! Another loud and proud grad cap message here.

Did you know that the GoT cast is full of vegans and activists? Show your love for your favorite show and vegan celebrities with this funny yet sad because it’s true graduation cap.

Which of these vegan decorations for graduation caps was your favorite? Will your vegan almost-graduate be using any of these as inspiration for their graduation cap? If your graduate does make a vegan-pride graduation cap, show us by tagging us @RaiseVegan on Instagram. Let me know in the comments below.

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