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Boise Restaurant Goes Vegan after Owner Saw “Dominion” on YouTube

by | May 11, 2019

A café owner from the Idaho capital city Boise all of a sudden decided to phase out the last stocks of meat and other animal-based products from her restaurant in downtown Boise. The restaurant that most probably had been her livelihood, might have been on the disrupted. She decided to make her restaurant vegan. Vegan at any cost. Why? Read on to know more.

Boise Restaurant Goes Vegan after Owner Saw “Dominion” on YouTube
Credit: High Note Cafe/ Facebook
Boise Restaurant Goes Vegan after Owner Saw “Dominion” on YouTube

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Boise Restaurant Goes Vegan after Owner Saw “Dominion” on YouTube

“From beasts we scorn as soulless,

In forest, fields and den,

The cry goes up to witness,

The soullessness of men.”

M. Frida via

The lines by M. Frida Hartley opens the extraordinarily agonizing Australian documentary Dominion that was released in 2018. It graphically revealed the heart-rending ethos of the commercial livestock farms, the hell it is on earth.

A woman from Idaho, who has a restaurant in Boise, downtown was reportedly drawn into the animal rights documentary Dominion for like 15 minutes and then she took a drastic step of her life that it could cost her a lot. She went on to declare her restaurant vegan on the facebook page and went on to say she will phase out her lasting stocks of meat until it lasts, reports Idaho Statesman. She wrote-

“Whatever meat products we have now will be the last sold unless I find a better way,” Bahruth wrote. “I will make the High Note Cafe into a completely vegan establishment in the coming weeks. I do promise to still serve excellent food that everyone can enjoy. If it works out, great, if it doesn’t and costs me my livelihood, then so be it”

Maria Bahruth via
Credit: by Gustavo Frazao/ Shutterstock
Boise Restaurant Goes Vegan after Owner Saw “Dominion” on YouTube

The 6 plus years old High Street Café, since opened in 2012 have had certain vegetarian options with the only 1/3rd menu having vegan options. It was only until she saw the documentary, it was made she will make the restaurant go fully vegan. She spoke to the local media house Idaho Statesman via email, reportedly declining to get interviewed. She said-

“I can no longer go forward knowing that I have supported great suffering and inexcusable practices by the meat/egg/dairy industry. I’m terrified, but I know I’m doing the right thing, and the right thing isn’t always lucrative or safe. All my love Boise, Maria.”

Maria Bahruth via

According to Maria, she saw the documentary for 20 min, before taking the decision. She said it took her 5-min to announce the change via Facebook post at 1 a.m.

Praises Outpoured her Decision. Her Business Booming

According to the reports, comments flooded her post from across the globe. People even told her they love her. “It’s been amazing. Greece, the UK, Canada, Switzerland, Australia, Chile, Netherlands, Japan, South Africa, everywhere! It’s crazy,” wrote Bahruth. She said the comments are so many that it has been impossible to read and 99.9 percent in favor.

Credit: High Note Cafe/ Facebook
Boise Restaurant Goes Vegan after Owner Saw “Dominion” on YouTube

After the radical change in her business, reviving the same had been reportedly tiring. Nonetheless, she managed to revamp the menu from scratch. Breakfast Burritos, High Note Torta, Loaded Street Tacos and other vegan stuff are available if you want to dig in. She mentioned even her non-vegan staff loved the menu and so she’s hopeful others will. In a post in the restaurant’s Facebook page, she wrote ‘Sales are through the roof,’ Food cost is down,’ ‘I feel so much happier,’ and ‘Our fridges are beautiful, filled with good health,’ among others.

We congratulate Maria for the best decision she took. And we can’t wait to see her vegan business booming. What do you think? Let me know in comments.

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