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A New Feather on the Hat: Planta Queen is Planta Restaurant’s New Emblem

by | April 11, 2019

A pop-up Chinese idea bloomed into something like the booming Planta South Beach you all know. Now a newer addition, Planta Queen in Toronto is open, and it looks like Planta Restaurants are no sooner going to rest from tickling a foodie’s fancy, as they have since Planta Yorkville. The plant-based restaurant has unveiled the newest addition in a West Toronto location. How is it different from the already present options? Well, to know that, keep reading.

Planta Queen
Sushi Flat Lay
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Planta Queen is Open in Toronto

Joining the fleet of three already functioning restaurants (Planta Burger, Planta Yorkville and the highly successful Planta South Beach), the newest addition is set to add more flavors to the brand’s already flavorful palate. The new restaurant proudly inaugurated by Chef David Lee, David Grutman and Steven Salm, is named after its location on 180 Queen Street in Toronto, Canada. This restaurant will serve people on a plush 160-seater restaurant built across 7,000 sq.-ft., in the west Toronto location. This is the fourth opening of the Restaurant chain, and this evinces their prowess to impress folks with plant-based foods.

Planta Queen/ Interiors
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Describing their luxurious interiors, the company tells in its Press Release how you will be swayed by the interiors the moment you step in. As soon as you enter the restaurant, you’ll be “immediately transported into the elegance of the traditional Chinese courtyards and architectural gems found across Asia,” all implemented in a stunning interior by a Toronto interior design firm, Nivek Remas. The company envisions the bar and lounge of the restaurant to buzz with chatter (who doesn’t like a cozy place like this?) and a top go-to venue in Toronto downtown core.

Some more elaborations on how gorgeous the painstakingly built interiors looks: the bar is embellished with copper mesh chandeliers floating overhead the lounge, casting a dramatic shadow over green velvet banquettes and the huge polished marble bar. The dining room at Planta Queen is grand and has elements designed by renowned artist Candice Kaye, whose work can be seen in their other locations, as well.

Credit: by Elaine Fancy

“There’s more to responsible plant-based eating than just taking animals off the plate and our commitment to using high-quality products from ethical suppliers provides the foundation for our chefs to be proud of the food they serve,” reads their Website.

What’s in the Pots?

Planta Queen/ Dumplings
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Interiors are great, but wondering what’s getting in the tummy? The latest addition to their restaurant chain is 100% dedicated to serving plant-based Asian cuisine, and rest assured, flavors (for what Asian cuisine is known for) will dance in your palate as you take each bite of their foods. The restaurant’s dining experience is fine-tuned, based on Chef David Lee’s favorite cuisines from across Asia. The menu includes a diversity of Dumplings, Shanghai slaw with green papaya, cabbage, lemongrass, and shaved onion rings, selected nigiri and maki rolls, Ssam lettuce cups with walnut bulgogi, and Signature cocktails such as Herb Your Enthusiasm, Ho-Lee Chit, Mez-Cal Me Maybe, among others.

Planta Queen/ General Lee’s Cauliflower
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Wondering what is more than the food? Exciting food it is! Apart from the regularly available dishes, you get to enjoy some customized evening attractions on special days like “Sake-It-To-Me Tuesdays,” “Maki Mondays” and “Disco & Dumplings Fridays,” to keep you up after exhausted weekdays. Don’t end up in a haste, and enjoy unforgettable moments nibbling the authentic dim sum. Executive Chef David Lee stated that their goal is to demonstrate one can enjoy sustainable and uncompromisingly tasty meal sans meat and dairy.

Credit: by Steven Lee

From the Makers

According to the Executive Chef and co-owner of Planta Resturaunts, David Lee, “Devising the menu for Planta Queen has been a personal labour of love. I am delighted to feature Asian dishes that are so personally familiar to me in a 100% plant-based creation.”

Planta Queen Executive Chef David Lee
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“I look forward to showing off this magnificent new space and menu to all our guests and friends,” said Chef Lee.

“There is no restaurant like this in the world,” said Mr. Steven Salm, Founder of Planta Restaurants. He stated that Chef David Lee continues to inspire and empower him every day with his respect for the menu innovation. Their ultimate goal is to go with a plant-based approach for every cuisine, opening wide the upscale restaurant mold and offering broader dining choices to diners.

“We are very proud to introduce Planta Queen, which offers an incredible experience inspired by authentic Asian cuisine,” said Mr. Salm.

Planta Queen/ Matcha Truffles
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The Planta legacy took off in 2016 after Chef David Lee and Mr. Steven Salm (President and Founder of Chase Hospitality Group) partnered with the Planta Yorkville launch, and Planta Burger joining the next year in 2017. The popular Planta South Beach joined the growing chain in partnership with Miami-based hospitality entrepreneur David Grutman. Their latest collaboration with Planta Queen is now open to tend guests with authentic, plant-based Asian cuisine. Do you live near any of the Planta venues? What is your say on the shiny new unveiling in West Toronto? Let me know in the comments below.


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