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Conservation Charity Marwell Zoo Now Stocks Moo Free Range of Chocolates

by | June 4, 2019

Now enjoy the closeness to the majestic animal kingdom while nibbling on zero-cruelty pleasures. How? You can now grab your favorite Moo Free chocolates in the zoo. As the name suggests, Moo-Free is an ethical range of chocolates and now they’ve found a perfect extension in the conservation wildlife-park. Learn more here.

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Moo Free Range of Cruelty-free Chocolates Now Available at Marwell Zoo, England

Marwell Zoo is known for its conservation efforts and is one of the best zoos to see in the United Kingdom. Now, visitors can take pleasure in having Moo Free’s entire range of free from cruelty chocolates.

Marwell Zoo, owned by Marwell Wildlife has ‘invested heavily’ in Moo-Free chocolates. Moo Free’s range is ethical and one hundred percent vegan, making the product align perfectly with the conservation zoo’s ideas of closeness to nature. One of the reasons behind Marwell Zoo choosing the particular range is because the chocolatier alongside being 100% vegan, also ditches the use of the environment and wildlife-hampering palm oil. Therefore, the chocolates perfectly suit the Zoo’s outlook on nature and wildlife.

Moo Free is a family-owned business from the UK and uses ethically sourced raw-material for their products. Not only these but the chocolates are also without gluten and sans soy as well. Other products like ‘Easter Bunnycomb Eggs,’ ‘Bunnycomb Bar’ and Lily-Lu’s Minty Moo’ among others are equally loved by adults as much as kids. Read our exclusive interview with the leader of the dairy-free chocolatier, here.

Credit: MooFreeChoccies/ Twitter

Now anyone can enjoy the dairy-free chocolates that are ethical, hundred percent vegan and guaranteed cruelty-free, says Andrea Jessop, CEO, and co-founder. She added that they’re elated due to the fact that one of England’s most sought-after conservation charities has opted to stock their award-winning Moo-Free range of vegan ‘milk’ chocolates.

The chocolatier’s premium range features snack-perfect Mini Moos, nut bars (100g), and last but certainly not least- Choccy Chums Surprises. Marwell Zoo now stocks every item of the cruelty-free award-winning milk chocolate range.

Marwell Zoo & Moo Free

It can be safely dubbed as one of the must-visit and top attractions in Hampshire, Marwell Zoo is a marvel in itself. The 140-acre wildlife conservation park is home to hundreds of species of animals. From the magnificence of the (endangered) Amur Tigers, snow leopards, giraffes, hippos, white rhinos, to the walking balls of cuteness- penguins; you and your kids will literally have a lifetime of memories in the zoo with so many adorable animals.

Moo Free products, apart from being vegan, are without gluten, casein, lactose, wheat, and soy. Using rice milk, the company achieves the remarkable dairy milk-like taste in their organic chocolates.

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