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Covering Trees with Nets to facilitate easy Felling? Know more here.

by | March 25, 2019

An incident- covering many huge trees with even bigger nets by a developer at Guildford, Surrey was held as a ‘wicked’ act against nature. The act of netting was supposedly a bypass to one of United Kingdom’s wildlife protection policy. Read on to know more.

“A cynical ploy to get around legislation.”

The Wildlife and Countryside Act, 1981 of the UK prohibits any felling or disturbing trees that have bird’s nest in it, said the Daily Mail in a post. In such an incident taking place in Guildford, Surrey, developers net as much as eleven trees on a site preventing any birds from making nests, so that they can smoothly saw down the trees and facilitate their development on the land. Because otherwise, they could face the legislation had the trees fallen with bird’s nest in it.

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The act was reportedly carried by the developer (Sladen Estates) who own the Walnut Tree Park site near Woodbridge Road and Woodbridge Meadows, reported the Surrey Live. The developers planned to erect 191 apartments on the site, despite planning permission was yet to take place.

However, the developer soon realized that the locals already interpreted their action and they started facing a backlash from the people. Tweets outpoured reflecting vehemence on the step taken and were dubbed ‘cunning’ and ‘wicked.’ A post on Twitter said that the incident is ‘a very cynical ploy’ in trying to bypass the legislation. “I have wondered for many years why no one has taken developers to task for operations that farmers are not allowed to do,” added another tweet.

“I’d be up there with a ladder and a pair of scissors.”

Locals who encountered the incident were utterly depressed as they claimed the action is causing the birds to die. They added the incident is ‘sickening,’ the Daily Mail reported.

A tweet by Rebecca Clifford read- ‘It is not just birds that cannot get to the trees, think of the insects trapped without thought or care too, it’s sickening, our culture has evolved to be quite vile.’ Another tweet added- ‘If I saw this I’d be up there with a ladder and a pair of scissors, it’s the most offensive thing I’ve seen in a long time.’

Another tweet by novelist Melissa Harrison got more than 4500 likes and 2500 retweets. She said the act was ‘So upsetting,’ replying to which Philip Pullman wrote- “Ugly and Wicked and Destructive.”

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According to a BBC coverage, the developers- Sladen Estate commenting on the incident revealed they’d put advice on their use and declined to say anything else about their decision to net the trees. They said, they realize the magnitude of the reactions on the act of netting trees at the Walnut Park, but they want to reassure all- they’ve ‘taken the correct advice.’

The leader of Guildford Borough Council, Paul Spooner commenting on the incident said- the event ‘highlighted to everyone involved in the decision-making process the potential plight to those trees.’ He, however, also mentioned that “the netting had nothing to do with the council,” reported the Surrey Live.

To many people’s sigh of relief, the GBC or Guildford Borough Council said it liaised with Sladen Estate, and they’ve agreed to put down the nets within 48 hours, the Surrey Live said in a post. The developers mentioned the nets are set to be removed ‘as soon as practically possible,’ and they remain ‘committed to sustainable development.’

Humans surely are the smartest of all, but that should not come at the cost of jeopardizing other animal’s life. What do you think of this case? Let us know in the comments below.

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