Dealing With Unwanted Belly Touches? Here are some pointers

by | February 28, 2019

If you find yourself constantly dealing with unwanted belly touches, read this article thoroughly to know how to curb this menace.

There’s just something about a round pregnant belly that makes it a magnet for unsolicited touching. It used to drive me bonkers when people would walk up to me and just start touching and rubbing my belly without even asking. Like, excuse me? Get your hands off me thanks!

Dealing With Unwanted Belly Touches? Here are some pointers
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Dealing With Unwanted Belly Touches? Here are some pointers

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Dealing With Unwanted Belly Touches? Here are some pointers

During my first pregnancy, I used just to smile awkwardly when a complete stranger would rub or poke at my ballooning bump. I somehow felt shy and embarrassed. Almost afraid to say anything out of fear of causing shame or awkwardness for the mummy tummy molester. By the time I was pregnant with my third child, I was a lot older, wiser, and way less likely to put up with the inappropriate touching of my body.

Some people ask first, some just reach out and rub. While you may be ok with your family, and friends rubbing your belly, there’s just something unsettling about a complete stranger touching you. It’s wildly inappropriate and intrusive.

It’s always your right to tell someone not to touch you, don’t ever feel awkward or that you owe anyone an explanation for why you don’t want them touching your body. A simple ‘no’ or,‘ please don’t touch me’ should be enough to stop someone in their tracks. Just in case you’re dealing with a completely clueless person who can’t recognize simple social cues, here are a few simple and to the point, things you can say to make sure your personal space isn’t violated.

Tell them Baby’s Asleep:

You can always say that Baby is sleeping, and that you don’t want to wake her.

Blame Your Doctor:

Try saying, “My doctor says I’m not supposed to let other people touch my belly because it’s flu season (insert any other reason here),” very few people – even really insistent people – are going to argue.

Be Completely Honest:

Just tell them that that belly rubs make you uncomfortable. Even the most clueless of belly rubbers should understand this one.

Got more tips on dealing with unwanted belly touches? Please let us know in the comments below.

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