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Dealing With Your Toddler’s Public Tantrums

by | February 9, 2019

Did your kid embarrass you at the supermarket with a full blown temper fest? Wondering how to deal with your toddler’s public tantrums? Give this article a thorough read to know how to diffuse such situations.

Having a screaming toddler in a public space is a stressful and sometimes, embarrassing situation. An unhappy toddler usually means a lot of screaming and it can happen because of any number of reasons. Sometimes, offering a small good-behavior incentive such as a walk to the park or an extra story at bedtime may work in preventing a scene but that is not always the case. Here is your before, during, and after guide on how to handle your toddler’s public tantrums.

Toddler's  Public Tantrums
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Dealing With Your Toddler’s Public Tantrums


Be aware of any tantrum warning signs

By making yourself aware of potential tantrum signs before the tantrum itself happens, you may be able to diffuse the situation before it escalates. Common signs of a tantrum before it begins can include unusually pouty behavior, mild whining, and minor scenarios of acting-out. You can stop the tantrum at this “before” stage by either removing yourselves from the situation (if possible) or by encouraging a calm,happy environment.


Option 1: Use humor to change the mood of the scene

Tantrums can happen if your toddler is tired, hungry, or stressed and by making te environment a more light-hearted place you may be able to alleviate the tantrum before it escalates. This is a common method many parents today use when their child has a public tantrum.

Option 2: Find the cause of the tantrum and “bandaid” it

If you are able to find the cause of the tantrum once it happens, it’s possible to bandaid it  (temporarily diffuse the situation with a promise of some kind). Do this until you are able to either relocate to a different setting either in the car or back home to deal with the tantrum. Bandaiding a tantrum isn’t something you should do each time but once in a while it can come in handy.

Option 3: Calmly ignore the toddler’s public tantrums

As long as you’re not in Whole Foods during peak hours and there aren’t many people around, there is no shame in purposefully ignoring the tantrum as to not fuel it further.


Talk about each other’s feelings surrounding what happened

Having a discussion about your toddler’s emotions and why they acted out the way they did can help you as a parent further understand their motives. This will also establish a relationship based on trust early on.

How do you handle your toddler’s public tantrums? Let me know in the comments below.

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