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Drunk Email Behind Quorn’s Latest Dinosaur Shaped Vegan Nuggets Launch?

by | March 27, 2019

It is true that inspirations can abruptly come from any direction, from any individual and in ‘any condition.’ At least this event- Quorn possibly launching dinosaur shaped vegan nuggets after getting a drunk email from an adult, restores my unbiased attitude to inspiration, no matter the source or person. You never know from where they come! Read on to know more.

Vegan Nuggets

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Drunk Email convinced Quorn to launch Dinosaur Shaped Vegan Nuggets

“Everyone would like them, for example, Kids & adults. I can confidently say adults would like them, because I am an adult, and I may be having a mid-life crisis but damn dudes, I just really want some dino nuggets to cure my depression,” wrote Chey in her email to Quorn.

Could this possibly peruse the vegan and vegetarian meat giant to launch a product line? Maybe it did, because Quorn lately revealed they are considering to introduce dinosaur-shaped vegan nuggets into their range of offering.

The Daily Mail reported Chey, an Irish woman, last year drunk emailed the alternative meat giant about her missing of the all-time tea-time classic. She is now head over heels in joy when months after her drunk mail, the company reverted with a heart-melting apology (“Please excuse our dinosaurs for the late reply as they are getting old and rusty,” in an email) and reassuring her that the team ‘really liked’ the idea and they’d be looking into it further.

Chey, the 21-year old Irish woman who drunk-emailed had been a vegetarian since last 11 years, reported the Daily Mail. She missed her childhood-favorite classic and made it a point to reach out directly to the makers via an email (And now it seems she really did succeed). She said to Femail, a column in the Daily Mail: “The only thing going through my mind was] literally just that I wanted dinosaur chicken nuggets! So I told my friends I was going to email Quorn, and I did.” She explained her email was spontaneous and she was utterly surprised having reverted by the company.

Chey, after she shared her hilarious interaction on Twitter, her post gained 27,000 likes as it went viral instantly. And to what it seems, fellow vegetarians went frenzy over the idea. She was flooded with praises calling her and her idea ‘genius,’ and ‘amazing.’ A Twitter user even wrote that it’d owe life if Quorn happens to make the dinosaur vegan nuggets, among others.

Quorn is a leader in its space. The company, if in the future unveils a dinosaur shaped nugget it should possibly be vegan, told Livekindly. Meanwhile, I am happy Chey is settled with some vouchers the company sent her as a token of appreciation. No offense meant, but a drunk email has more potential than it seems. I’ve even thought of a conscious drunken email (just kidding!). What do you have to say on such an instance? Comment below.

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