Eco-Friendly Dutch brand Beppy Credit: Raise Vegan

Eco-Friendly Feminine Care: Raise Vegan Chats with Dutch-Brand Beppy

by | May 7, 2019

Based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, the eco-friendly feminine care brand Beppy as been changing the world, one tampon at a time. With string-free tampons that are suitable for sport, spa, swimming, and love, you will never turn back once you try one of these revolutionary sponge tampons.

From personal experience, they’re surprisingly easy to put in and they’re so comfortable that you can forget that they’re there which is a big plus for women always on-the-go, like me. If you have any doubts on how to put them in, you can watch their YouTube video which you can access here on how to successfully put them one in!

Our Raise Vegan team had the opportunity to chat with Beppy to talk about the world of eco-friendly feminine care and what they are doing to open up the conversation around menstruation in Amsterdam and beyond. Continue below to read our exclusive interview with the amazing Dutch brand, Beppy!

eco-friendly feminine care
Eco-Friendly Dutch brand Beppy
Credit: Raise Vegan

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Raise Vegan’s Exclusive Interview With Beppy on Eco-Friendly Feminine Care

Who founded Beppy, what year & where?

Beppy is part of a family business that was founded back in 1902. The first Beppy tampons were designed by gynecologists in 1995. They were meant as a replacement of natural sponges that some women used as a deep tampon between their periods. These natural sponges carried particles like sand or pods of shell which caused vaginal irritations or even inflammations at times. That’s the reason why these gynecologists were looking for a clean solution. The new design from the Beppy line was made by a female who attended the technical university of Delft with cooperation from Erasmus University in Rotterdam. It first came on the market in 2006.​​​​​​

Beppy WET is the “wet” version of the sponge tampons because of its gel inside that softens the Beppy and helps for easy insertion. The Pure version was developed in 2015 by the same team because not all women would like to have an extra gel inside and all vegans preferred a more pure version. This is why we decided to name it Beppy Pure.

Credit: Beppy Website- the eco-friendly feminine care brand

Beppy is currently based in Rotterdam correct?

 Yes, it is.​​​​​​​​​​ We are also located in a few other places around the world. Our distributors are located in many locations around the world such as Colombia and Spain. Brazil will be taking part in our distribution soon.

What was the inspiration behind the founding of Beppy?     ​​​​​

It was inspired by the need for a clean sponge-like tampon.​​​​ We wanted to come with an ideal solution for women, by creating a uniquely adaptable tampon that helps women to feel more confident during their menstruation. And of course, to reduce any leakage and discomfort. 

What is the range of product offered by your Beppy (just confirming- tampons) any new products coming soon to Beppy?​​​​​​​​​

We produce the Beppy WET, Beppy DRY, and the Beppy PURE. 

Price range of products:

The prices for the Beppy Tampons are: – Beppy WET: 4 pieces €11,25 / 8 pieces €19,50 / 30 pieces €50,25   – Beppy DRY: 4 pieces €9,25 / 8 pieces €16,50 / 30 pieces €33,25– Beppy PURE: 2 pieces €7,50 / 8 pieces €23,50​​​​​                

Eco-Friendly Dutch brand Beppy Credit: Raise Vegan

What is it like working at Beppy?

We have a pleasant working environment and vibrant staff members. It is a special company with dogs running up and down the office, and where workers bring their babies with them to work. It is dynamic and full of energy. It is considered to be stress-free.  

In the growing space of innovative feminine hygiene products, it is female founders often leading the way, with personal experiences lending insight to product development, design as well as increased needs for advocacy and awareness. What are the thoughts at the Beppy team about this synergy of female insight and business development?

Our Beppy team consists of smart, hard-working, and creative women. Each of them has their own expertise and brings something to the table.  That is why we say that the Beppy Tampon is “by women for women”. It is only logical that females are the ones leading the way in this market, which we see every day at our office.  

Are all your products vegan and cruelty-free?

We do not test our tampons on animals. Our Beppy Dry and Beppy Pure are completely vegan and cruelty-free.

What is your brand doing for women?

Beppy stands for Best Periodical Product for You. We want to give women more freedom during their menstruation. When they use Beppy during their period they don’t have to pay attention to it all the time because it has no string. Beppy is soft, comfortable and safe for use.  We do a lot of sampling and we send information about the tampon out to schools so children can be educated about it as well. We do traineeships, support Women Proud, and we adopted a Bee population for which we received a certificate. The queen bee has even been named Beppy. We also do various social and environmental activities.

The market for eco-friendly feminine products & hygiene is currently in a stage of really dynamic growth & innovation. Where do you see Beppy in this global network of brands for eco-feminine products?

I see Beppy growing even stronger in the future since it is giving women the reassurance of protection and freedom when they’re on their period. We don’t only wish to expand, but to remain environmentally- friendly as well.

What is your brand’s favorite social media platform & in general what does your brand utilize social media for?

InstagramFacebook, and YouTube are the ones we mainly use. On these platforms, we don’t just promote Beppy Tampon but we also provide people with information about our products. We are as active as possible and have fun with our Beppy community online. The women at Beppy also write blogs about all things related to the female body and share their experiences and tips as well. 

What is the eco-friendly beauty & feminine care community like in The Netherlands?

The Netherlands is an eco-friendly country. This plays an important factor for us when we create our products. Since a lot of women are interested in natural organic products we want to meet up with their expectations and needs. We produce the Beppy tampons here in the Netherlands. 

What is Beppy doing on a local, community-based level in terms of brand awareness?

 We are not polluting or destroying natural sources when producing our products. We are very aware of our surroundings, the community, and the environment. We help to provide samples and information to schools in order to raise more awareness for the female body and the menstruation. ​​​                  

How do you think that providing accessible & sustainable feminine care products to women could change the future for women’s bodies & lives?

The Beppy Tampon has the ability to give a change to women’s lives in ways unimaginable. We wish to help women to feel freer during their period because everything changes. Our body changes from one stage to another and I think women are becoming more aware of these changes. Awareness in health plays a key factor as well because women are constantly seeking for something new or beneficial.

Lastly, I love all the practical tips available on Beppy website such as foods to eat and avoid during the period, swimming, sex, and related activities during the period and more.  What are the Beppy team’s thoughts about the rise in open dialogue surrounding women’s bodies and cycles?

As I have mentioned before, our Beppy team consists only out of women. The team is very aware of the struggles and views that others have when it comes down to women’s bodies and the menstruation cycle. Not just because it is their expertise but because it is their experience. Women, just like their cycles, are ever changing. This is why we have so many different versions of the Beppy tampon because the demand of each female is different. The Beppy Team believes that by providing women with the choice between all the different tampons is giving them a more powerful feeling. And as one of our colleagues has said: “How can we expect the world to change if we don’t change our views along?”

Eco-Friendly Dutch brand Beppy Credit: Raise Vegan

Beppy products are available internationally, so don’t worry if you’re not based in Europe! If you’re interested in trying something new to help both yourself and the environment, you can click here to check-out Beppy’s website where you can learn more and buy products! You can also connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Thank you, Beppy!

Have you ever tried using a stringless tampon before? Will you be trying out Beppy? Let me know in the comments below.

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