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Mom-on-the-go? Try These 8 Life Saving Tips For Busy Working Moms

by | April 22, 2019

I have mad respect for all of the busy working moms out there, it’s far from an easy job balancing your career, children and other personal affairs. It’s 7:43 AM- your bra’s on backward, your youngest is screaming that he no longer eats his favorite cereal, and you just realized that you’re out of coffee. Great. Do you want to make your mornings feel at least a little bit more organized? Check out these eight life-saving tips for busy working moms to make their job a little easier.

Tips For Busy Working Moms
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Tips For Busy Working Moms

Cold Brew, Anyone?

If making coffee every morning becomes a chore, why not prep it the night before? If you love iced coffee more than hot coffee (like I do) or if you just want to switch tings up for the warmer weather coming up, prepping cold brew in advance could be the solution for you.

Lay Out Everyone’s Clothes the Night Before

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Life-saving tips for busy working moms

Although everyone says to do this, it must be emphasized for those who don’t! Lay out all of your clothes, your husband’s clothes and your kid’s clothes the night before. Not just shirt and pants either. Lay out underwear, socks, shoes, outerwear, and any possible accessories. This will make everything so much easier in the mornings and you won’t be lost looking for matching socks at the very last minute.

Have Breakfast Pre-Prepped

Meal prepping lunch and dinner is great, but what about breakfast? Prep easy-to-serve breakfasts in the beginining of the week (vegan matcha pancakes you can quickly heat up in the pan, overnight oats or containers of smoothie-ready fruit) so that you can always have a healthy and nutritious breakfast, even when you’re running late.

Bullet Journal

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life saving tips for busy working moms

Bullet journaling is one of the best ways to get organized. Compared to a typical day planner, you can fully customize a bullet journal to meet only your specific needs when it comes to scheduling, writing list, and even doodling. Not only is it super effective, but the process of bullet journaling is so therapeutic! Check on your bullet journal every night so that you are ready for whatever the next morning holds.

Set Your Clocks Ahead

As a kid, this was a trick that my mom used that I absolutely hated but after growing-up, I realized how great it actually is. Even by setting your kitchen clock and alarm clocks five minutes ahead, you can help get your kids to school on time when they try to push getting out the door to the last minute.

Which of these life-saving hacks for moms on-the-go will you be trying? What other tips do you have? Let me know in the comments below.

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