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7 Unique Uses of a French Press Besides Making Coffee

by | March 30, 2019

Ever wondered over the other uses of a French Press, besides using it to make an awesome cup of coffee? Author Mian Azhar shares a handful of ideas that make the French Press worth every penny you spent over it. Read on to know more…

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7 Unique Uses of a French Press Besides Making Coffee

It doesn’t matter if you’re are a coffee addict or not; you need a French press at your home. It will help you make a whole lot of other stuff, for starters, consider the following:

1.  Rinse Grains

If you use a French Press, you will have no issue rinsing grains like rice, quinoa, and farrow. All you need to do is pour the grains in the carafe and cover it with water. Put the lid on and press plunger down to separate water from grains. Now pour the water out, and your gains will be ready to be cooked as they are clear of the water.

2.  Infuse Oils

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Choose a French press carefully, as you can use it for a lot of other things besides just making coffee. Yes, you can use it to make herb-infused olive oil.

You will need some fresh herbs such as rosemary. Cover them with olive oil. Put them in the top and put the Press in the fridge. Keep it there for a few days before you plunger down the whole thing.

3.  Rehydrate Dried Food

If you need to rehydrate any dried food, you don’t need anything complicated; your French press will do the trick. Put the dried food inside it and cover it with hot ware. Let the Food rehydrate for a few minutes and press down the plunger to get rid of water. This will rejuvenate your food items.

4.  Froth Plant Based Milk

You can easily froth warm plant based milk (we find oat milk works best) with the help of a French press. All you have to do is fill the French press halfway with warm plant based milk and slide your plunger up and down to start frothing. You will need to do this for 30 seconds or until you get the froth you want. You can use this in your morning coffee to make it even better. This is one the most efficient of all the uses of a French Press.

5.  Strain Wet Foods

Frozen foods are convenient but they do leave you with extra moisture. If you want to get rid of the extra water, you can use your French press to do so. Just put the thawed product in it and press the plunger carefully. Push it down software and get rid of the excess water.

6.  Infuse Water

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You can make great infused water with your French press. All you have to do is add fruit and herbs and cover it with cold filtered water. Once done, put it in your fridge for the whole night and enjoy the next day. You can infuse water with anything you like including fresh mint leaves, strawberries, etc.

7.  Fresh Herbs

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You should know you can extend the life of herbs if you keep them in a bit of water. You can use the French press for this purpose, add one or two inch of water in the bottom and insert the lid halfway. Now put herbs upright on top of strainer. Now press the plunger down to the bottom of herbs is submerged. You will need to store the whole thing in your fridge.

Do you know other uses of a French Press besides these? Comment below.

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