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5 Kitchen Essentials You’ll Wish You Started Using Sooner

by | March 21, 2019

There are some kitchen items that I have found to make my life incredibly easier. Some of these, I wish I would have discovered years ago and others have been tried and true for me over the years. Here are five kitchen items that you’ll wish that you had started using sooner.

Apple Corer

A small, cheap, and extremely useful item that I’ve been using for the past ten years has been an apple corer. Even as an adult, I’ll always prefer eating apples in slices, especially since I love dunking them into almond butter. This will save you time when your children want apple slices as well, as the process takes a grand total of 5 seconds to do.

Espresso Machine

Instead of chugging a whole pot of coffee on the way to work, why not have a double espresso shot at home? This will change your life when it comes to those mornings when plain ol’ coffee just won’t do it for you. In the long run, you can save on cash by making your very own Starbucks drinks at home (especially if you get a milk frother), my favorite being an almond milk agave macchiato.

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Rice Cooker

Even when I add a little vegan butter or vegetable oil to my rice, sometimes it sticks to the pot in the most annoying way and I’m left soaking and scrubbing it for the next couple of days, just to have it happen all over again. Using a rice cooker can help with this, especially since the temperature is regulated so that you don’t burn your rice to stick to the pot. It’s easy enough to use that you can show your middle schooler how to use it without worrying that they’ll burn the house down.

Banana Hanger

Do bananas always seem to go bad before you even have the chance to eat one? Although over ripened, bruised bananas are great for vegan banana waffles or banana bread sometimes you just want your bananas to last long enough to enjoy in your morning cereal. By using a banana hanger, you’ll save on fruit bowl space as well as allow your bananas to breathe.

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Air Fryer

After getting my mother an air fryer this past Christmas, I can say that I’m already pretty jealous that I don’t have my own. Air fryers make cooking typically fried foods healthier and in my opinion, tastier. You can cook store bought frozen french fries, homemade veggie meatballs, and even marinated tofu in the air fryer, without needing any oil.

Which of these kitchen items do you have? Any other to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below.

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