Father of 9 Sells Vehicle With Funny and Honest Condition Description

by | August 9, 2018

Being funny and honest is the best way to get things done in today’s online society.

Josh Wood of Amarillo, Texas is living proof of what nine kids can do to a car. He admits his 15-passenger van has fallen victim to vomit stains, the smell of decaying food, and empty speaker holes full of surprises in his hilariously funny and honest viral ad.

Father of nine,  posted an ad for his very used 15-passenger van along with the rawest comedic review of all time, and we can’t get enough of it.


“We’re selling our 2005 Ford E350 XL Extended 15 passenger van. Photos attached. In the interest of full disclosure, here’s more information and a partial list of its issues. Please read before making an offer. Thanks!”


The hilariously funny and honest comedy gold tells us what really happens when you have nine children and try and transport them all together, “The van is missing a speaker in the side door. My kids have been throwing random items in the speaker hole for years. So, you may end up with some very special treasures”

“One side of the van has a yellow scuff mark on it. That’s courtesy of me and a battle with a yellow concrete parking divider (I did not win). The other side of the van has a matching white scuff mark. That one is courtesy of my wife. She completes me.”

He goes on to explain how the duct tape that keeps the automatic door locks working is not included in the sale, and once the van hits 45mph, you’re pretty much on the same level as the Flintstones, as the speakers, air conditioner, and even the front seat stops working then.

“After that, the gas pedal essentially functions as an on/off switch for the air conditioner. Accelerate = AC off. Decelerate = AC on,” he wrote.

And just like any great parent, he knows exactly what kids want and isn’t afraid to use that as an advertising strategy.

The Struggle Bus

And if you were starting to consider it was a good price, and what’s a little duct tape on a road trip, the real parenting comes into play.

“We’re a family of 11. Every one of our children has thrown up in this van at some point in the past decade.”

Affectionally named, ‘The Struggle Bus’, Josh explains “Better yet, if you’re wondering if some particular part of the van works, just assume it doesn’t work in the way that Ford originally intended it to work.”

The fathers hilariously funny and honest description of his car just goes to show you, that sometimes you need a bit of humor in your life.

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