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FDA Warns Against Using Teething Necklace

by | December 31, 2018

On Thursday, December 20th, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to parents about using teething necklace as it can cause harm to children.

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FDA Issues warning Against Teething Necklace

No parent wants to see their baby in pain. While we’ll do just about anything to relieve their distress, what is the cost? There’s a whole host of teething solutions for parents to choose from, but recently we’ve seen warning after warning against the use of some, first teething tablet, and now teething necklace.

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The warning comes after a shocking report of an eighteen-month-old being strangled by an amber teething necklace while napping. There was also a report of a seven-month-old who choked on the beads of a wooden teething bracelet and had to be hospitalized.

In a statement released on Thursday, by the FDA Commissioner Scott Gotlieb, M.D. said that they’re concerned about the risks they’ve seen with the teething jewelry, and they want parents to be fully informed and aware that they put children at risk of severe injury and death.

A few years ago the FDA warned parents and caregivers about the dangers of homeopathic teething products that were on the market. The warning came about because of the result of FDA analysis and testing that showed that some teething tablets had inconsistent amounts of belladonna, a toxic plant that can be dangerous in large amounts.

How can you soothe a teething baby safely?

Teething specific chew toys are great for soothing aching gums. It’s not advised to freeze teething rings.

Cold, damp washcloths can be twisted and frozen and are great for teething babies to chew on to relieve pain.

You can massage your baby’s gums with a clean finger or knuckle.

As a last resort, you can ask your pediatrician about giving a dose of acetaminophen.

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