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Find Out The Top 25 Baby Boy Names 2019

by | December 17, 2018

The wait is over! We’ve gathered up the Top 25 Baby Boy Names 2019 that have been on trend in 2018 and set to dominate the upcoming year. Does your little one’s name make the list?

  • Jackson (English) Taken from the surname meaning “Son of Jack.” The name also has a Scottish translation of “God has been gracious.”
  • Liam (German) Means “strong-willed warrior.” Taken from the Germanic Willahelm and a shortened version of the name “William.”
  • Noah (Hebrew) This name can be traced all the way back to the times of the Old Testament, it means “rest” or “repose.”
  • Aiden (Celtic) Directly translated, Aiden means “fiery” but it is also the name of the Celtic sun god.
  • Isaiah (Hebrew) Another biblical name, this one has varying translations, from “Salvation of the Lord” to “God’s Helper.”
  • Lucas (Latin) Directly translated, it means a “man from Lucania” which is a region in the southern area of Italy; also means “bright” or “shining.”
baby boy names 2019
Top Baby Boy Names 2019
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  • Mason (French) An occupational surname meaning, “one who works with stone.”
  • Oliver (French) Derived from the French word “Olivier” meaning olive tree.
  • Elijah (Hebrew) Simply means, “my God is YAHWEH,” referring to the Hebrew God.
  • Logan (Gaelic) Originally the name of a place thought to be located near Auchinleck, Logan became a surname and eventually a given name. Also thought to mean, “hollow.”
  • Carter (English) An occupational name for someone who transports (or carts) goods.
  • Ethan (Hebrew) Meaning “strong and long-lived.” Ethan appears in the Hebrew bible multiple times.
  • Muhammad (Arabic) A variant of the name Mohammad, meaning “glorified” or “praiseworthy.”
baby boy names 2019
Baby Boy Names 2019
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More Baby Boy Names 2019

  • Matthew (Hebrew) Means “gift from God.” Another name deeply entrenched in the New Testament of the Bible
  • Jayden (Hebrew) Meaning “thankful,” from the biblical name Jotham.
  • Michael (Hebrew) Identified as an Archangel in the Bible, Michael means, “who is like God?” This rhetorical question implies that there is no one even God-like.
  • James (Hebrew) A derivative of “Jacob,” James means “supplanter,” or one who follows.
  • Sebastian (Latin) Meaning “venerable” or “revered.” St. Sebastian was also the patron saint of soldiers from the third century.
  • Alexander (Greek) Means “defender of men.” Can be traced back to Alexander the Great in the fourth century, the King of Macedonia.
  • Mateo (Hebrew) Meaning “gift of God.” The Italian form of “Matthew” and often seen as a surname.
  • Jacob (Hebrew) From the biblical story of the birth of Isaac and Rebecca’s son, he came out “holding the heel” of his twin brother; also seen as “supplanter.”
  • Ryan (Celtic) Taken from the Irish surname, Ryan is thought to mean “illustrious” or “little king.”
  • Owen (Welsh) A traditional name meaning “noble” or “well-born.”
  • Daniel (Hebrew) Translated from its Hebrew definition, means “God is my judge.”
  • William (German) In German, William means a “strong-willed warrior” but it later became popular in England meaning a “resolute protector.”
Baby boy names 2019
Baby Boy Names 2019
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