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Why I’m Not Eating Vegan Airline Food Anymore and Why You Shouldn’t Either

by | December 15, 2018

Vegan airline food is expensive, this is something that any traveler knows all too well. Finding affordable and delicious options is already hard enough when you’re not over thirty thousand feet off the ground. Unfortunately, the price of food also seems to triple thirty thousand times while you’re in the air. I digress, I’m not here to give a lecture on capitalism. I’m here to tell you why I’ll be packing my long-haul flight meal for the first time next week.

vegan airline food
Vegan Airline Food
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I currently live in France but I’m from California. For the holidays this year, I will take the eleven-hour-long flight from Paris to Oakland. Disclaimer: I love my airline, I’ve flown with them for two years to go across the pond and back but, their vegan meal options aren’t great. At thirty-five dollars a piece with meager portions and seemingly no creativity, I’ve had enough.

There are some things to note if you plan on bringing your own meal. To start, if you bring uncooked produce and do not finish eating it on the plane, you may be charged a hefty fine. Even if you throw it in the garbage can upon arrival at your international destination, you can still be charged. Please, only bring as much as you will eat. Secondly, because even I forget sometimes, empty your reusable water bottle before going through security. I’ve had to chug my forty-ounce Hydroflask because I did not want to get in the back of a very crowded line before and it wasn’t fun. If you’re skeptical about airport water (like me), ask Starbucks, or your coffee chain of choice, to fill up your bottle. It is free of charge and most major airports will have at least one major coffee chain. Lastly, the grocery store is your friend. The day before departure, go to a local grocery store and stock up on whatever snacks your heart desires!

vegan airline food
Vegan Airline Food
By Freebird7977

What will I be bringing with me for my vegan airline food?

I decided to invest in a good quality bento box since they are small, durable and have compartments. (I went with Monbento, a French brand) In my main portion, I will be having a cold chickpea pasta salad with lemon-hummus dressing, cherry tomatoes, and broccoli. For the small dish in that compartment, I will fit as many almonds as I can inside.

Lastly, for the top portion, thinly sliced mango topped with chia seeds. In addition to my bento box dinner, I will bring pita chips, an apple and some dark chocolate for something sweet.

I have high hopes for this new challenge that I will be taking on and I am truly excited to eat a meal that I want to eat while on the plane.

Do you pack your own meals when you travel by plane? Let me know in the comments below.

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