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Five Vegan Celebrities Who Claimed To Be On A Plant Based Diet But Weren’t In Reality

by | March 27, 2019

Vegan celebrities can be a significant influence on society. People look up to them and will follow their lead. There have been many celebrities over time who have claimed to be on a plant based diet and do a great job activating against animal cruelty. Some, however, seem to jump on and off the ‘bandwagon’ as if it’s a trendy fad, whenever it suits them. Here are some celebrities in my opinion who have done a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad job.

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Five Vegan Celebrities Who Claimed To Be On A Plant Based Diet But Weren’t


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Photo from/Rawvana/Instagram

Take Rawvana for instance. The vegan vlogger has been touting the benefits of a plant based diet for years. Even going so far as claiming it can cure addiction. She had almost two million subscribers on her Spanish YouTube channel, nearly half a million on her English YouTube channel and over one million followers on Instagram.

That is until recently, much to the shock and disdain of her followers and the plant based community, the vlogger was recently captured on video eating fish. Rawvana has since released a thirty-three-minute‘ apology’ video, claiming that she has resumed eating eggs and fish due to the advice of medical professionals. The vlogger revealed that she was borderline anemic and had begun to lose her menstrual cycle following a 25-day water fast. Rawvana was diagnosed with SIBO, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and was advised by her doctor to incorporate fish and eggs into her diet.

Ellen DeGeneres

Photo from/Ellenlee_Degeneres/Instagram

Another name from the list of formerly vegan celebrities is Elellen Degeneres, who reportedly went vegan back in 2008 after watching an animals rights documentary called ‘ Earthlings. The comedian and talk show host was so horrified by how badly the animals were treated that she decided to go vegan. Degeneres was vegan for eight years and feeling healthier than she’d ever been, until one day she started eating fish ‘for no real reason,’ and eggs from chickens she knows are happy. The talk show host revealed her new, non-vegan status during her Netflix special standup, Relatable.

Ariana Grande

Photo from/Arixana.first/Instagram

Ariana Grande tweeted back in November 2013 that she had decided to go 100% vegan. Grande has said that she loves animals more than she loves most people and that she is a firm believer in eating a plant-based diet that can lengthen your life and make you happier all-round. In a move that has confused vegans and non-vegans alike, the superstar singer recently endorsed the Cloud Macchiato, a Starbucks drink that was inspired by the star. The drink, it turns out is not vegan, as is contains ‘cloud powder’ and caramel, both of which contain animal by-products.

So a vegan celebrity inspires and endorses a non-vegan drink that she can’t even drink herself?


Photo from/steveo/Instagram

Steve-O, the now reformed notorious bad boy stuntman was once a vegan and a vocal animal rights activist. The ex Jackass has been vocal in the past about opening his own animal sanctuaries. That is until he recently pissed off vegans across the planet by going on an Instagram tirade, calling out vegans for bashing him after he revealed that he was now a pescetarian. Steve-O went so far to say that vegans were doing more harm than good. Oy vay.

Carrie Underwood

Photo from/Carrieunderwood/Instagram

Carrie Underwood has been a vegetarian since she was a teenager. Her family were cow farmers, and it really freaked Underwood out after she learned how they were slaughtered. The country singer became a full vegan at the age of twenty-two after a stint in California where vegan food was so readily available that it made the transition easier for her. The country star did admit that it is sometimes difficult for her to stick to a vegan diet while she’s on the road for work, but that she tries very hard.

I don’t know, you’re either a vegan or you’re not. There shouldn’t be a grey area when it comes to the inhumane slaughter of animals. In my opinion, and you can take it for whatever it’s worth, if you’re a super celebrity claiming to be vegan, even going so far as to promote veganism, you’d probably want to make damn sure that you are actually vegan, and not vegan-ish!

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