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Four Secret Ways to Spot A Fellow Vegan

by | January 10, 2019

Spot a fellow vegan? They’re definitely out there.  In growing numbers online and, of course, that slightly exuberant feeling you get when you bump into a previously unknown vegan in the aisles of a regular supermarket. It is of course quite natural to find yourself eyeing up someone else’s cart or basket as it seems pretty light on animal products, hopefully leading you inquiring “vegan, right?”

How else though to spot a fellow vegan? Read on to know more…

Four Secret Ways to Spot A Fellow Vegan
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Four Secret Ways to Spot A Fellow Vegan

Here are four ways to identify a kindred spirit.

They can be very, very patient in restaurants.

Vegans are generally well experienced in having to politely explain to their server that “no, fish isn’t vegan and neither is the omelet.” Ultimately, vegans end up providing conclusive, mutual head nodding clarification by stressing that as a vegan, nothing is eaten that either has a face or is a by-product of a creature with a face. Phew!

They often have animal sanctuary aspirations.

This is your best bet to spot a fellow vegan. Lottery winners are renowned for lavish millionaire lifestyles of properties around the world, jets, cruises and Alpine skiing breaks that last six months. Vegans tend to have re-calibrated aspirations as to what they would do with large amounts of moolah. And animal sanctuaries are one of the most popular by far. Vegan DNA always comes with added compassion.

They can plan for the work potluck with military precision.

Determined to show those at work that their vegan chili is not only as good as, but far superior to that brought along by their omnivorous colleagues, vegans plan their dish just as NASA planned the moon landing (just with a lot less rocket fuel and a lot more kidney beans).

They have eyesight to rival that of a microscope.

Back to the supermarket again. Vegans can be spotted rooted to the spot, avidly reading the tiny writing of an ingredients list on any given product so as to ensure its cruelty-free credentials. Often times squinting at a package like they’re staring into the sun, this is a common sign that you have a vegan on your radar.

Happy vegan spotting!


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