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French Baby Names List: Cute Names You’ll Absolutely Love

by | March 27, 2019

Choosing the perfect name for the baby you’ll soon be having is easy for some, but difficult for many. Do you want a name that sounds elegant and stands out from the rest? Whether you are a French Language aficionado, have French roots,  or if you just absolutely adored the film Amélie, we have got you covered. Here is the French baby names list that you will be sure to love.

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French Baby Names List For Girls


A very popular name not only in France but also in Belgium, Manon is a French take on the name “Madeline”. In Welsh, the name translates to “wished-for child”.


Meaning “grace”, this is a beautiful name that is speculated to be the provençal take on the common name “Anna”.


Beautiful as both a first or middle name, this French name meaning “ocean” is perfect for any baby who will be born as a water sign- Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces.


Originating from the French origin of “dolphin”, Delphine is derived from Greek. A famous French saint from the 13th century shares the same name.


Literally meaning “a Roman”, this feminized name has surged in popularity for girls in France.

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French Baby Names List For Boys


A common name across many languages and cultures, this spelling of the common name takes a French twist. It is a good option if you wish to have a religious name for your child, as it means “God’s healer.”


Descending from the Latin name “Antonius”, Antoine is a name meaning “praise-worthy”. A famous Antoine known globally is Antoine de Saint-Exupéry- author of Le Petit Prince (or, in English, The Little Prince)


Translating to “chief” or “prince”, this common name comes from the Breton region of France. For a little girl, try the female counterpart Maëlle.


Originating from Greek, Sacha is a strong name for your little boy. The name translates to “protector of mankind”.


This name hails from the Latin equivalent “Clemens” which is “mild”. It was very common in Old French and it still is today.

Which of these names is your favorite? Do you have any other favorites to add to the baby names list? Let me know in the comments below.

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