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Vegan Burger Is Better Than A Meat-Based, Studies Found. Know more Here.

by | March 25, 2019

Now there is every reason for vegans to savor their favorite vegan burgers all the more. Studies have found plant-based burgers are better, fuller and healthier and satisfy more than its meat-based counterpart. Now curious? Read on to find more.

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Vegan Burger is more Filling than Meat-Based

A study conducted in 2018 that was published in the Nutrients journal sheds light on the health-perks associated with plant-based burgers. The researchers fed a group of men with both plant-based and beef-cheese burgers on different days. There was a disparity in the health of people participating, where among 60 men- 20 were with type-2 diabetes, 20 obese and the remaining 20 healthy. Their psychological responses were noted after the meal. It should be noted that both the meal contained similar micro-nutrients and calories.

To the resercher’s surprise, men instead of being all-praises about the beef-cheese burger, all of them (including the healthy participants) reportedly felt more filled and satisfied with the tofu-based vegan burger than the beef-cheese one.

According to the researchers, it seemed the vegan burger produced the beneficial gastrointestinal hormones in higher amounts which are responsible for regulating glucose metabolism, satiety, energy homeostasis and management of weight, reported Big Think. The vegan meal was more effective in aiding the body with better production of the beneficial gastrointestinal hormones. Despite the function of those hormones were not all clear, the same had been the subject for researches looking for ways to treat diabetes and obesity.

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“Our results indicate there is an increase in gut hormones and satiety, following consumption of a single plant-based meal with tofu when compared with an energy- and macronutrient-matched processed-meat meat and cheese meal, in healthy, obese and diabetic men…” wrote the researchers.

Hana Kahleova, author of the study and clinical research director at Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine told: the beneficial gut hormones can aid in maintaining low weight, regulate the blood flow, enhance the secretion of insulin and keep us full for longer. She mentioned having simple plant-based meal can aid in increased secretion of healthy hormones that has ‘important implications’ on people with weight issues and type 2 diabetes.  

Although, the study had many limitations- it was carried on men only and the response recorded was psychological and that too after two specific meal out of their habitual diet. Despite, the researchers have suggested plant-based diet has the potential for treating obesity and diabetes.  

The Boom called Vegan

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Raise vegan has reported a lot of the buzz that happened in the vegan food sector lately. From Mc Donald’s vegan nuggets to Morning Star’s vegan burger, Gregg’s vegan sausage roll to Vego’s vegan white chocolate, there had been a lot happening in the vegan repertoire. This news is just a pointer to the upcoming innovations. What is your opinion? Comment below.

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