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Top-Award winning Vegan Pie called ‘a disgrace,’ Sparks Outrage

by | March 22, 2019

The British Pie awards, which has been running since the last 11 years, for the first time in the history saw a distinct winner. Yes, maybe you’ve guessed it by now! A vegan pie took triumphs in the very first year the ‘vegan’ category got introduced in the awards. But how well was it appreciated? Read on to know more.

Unusual, but worthy by all means!

The British Pie awards are nothing short of an iconic competition. Since the last 11 years, the award programme has celebrated Britain’s much-loved pies in every form, shapes, and sizes. It had been an epitome of Britain’s love for its pie. The awards held at Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, is the home for the pork pie and a vegan pie taking the crown had received a mix of applauds as well as a little bit ‘hard to digest,’ reactions from the culinary elites.

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The curried sweet potatoes and butternut squash pie proved it could beat the tastes of its carnivore brethren. And this happened in its debut year (2019 is the first year the vegan category is introduced in the awards) and that too the pie was submitted by a butcher, Jon Thorner’s who is based in Shepton Mallet, Somerset. According to The Telegraph, the butcher had in 2017 picked up a Class Champion in the Stakes and Kidney category. And ironically, their vegan pie fetched them the highest applauds in the pie world, as they chose to go vegan with their pie this year. That’s quite an achievement! The makers, Jon Thorner’s butchers said, they were thrilled at the success of the vegan pie and they look forward to creating vegan pies to make their offering more accessible.

What the Judges Said?

The curried sweet potato and butternut squash pie, our winner, got some worthy praises from the experts. “Outstanding,” and “Well Balanced” were few of the remarks earned by the vegan pie, reported The Telegraph. Collin Woodhead, the head judge of the show commented “There are a number of challenges to making a good vegan pie and this has cracked it,” the BBC reported.

A Disgrace?

It may be a vegan pie competing amongst the meaty alternatives, but what made it a winner was its balanced taste and the exact crispiness. However, the winner did receive some not-so-favorable comments. The pie, beating some 886 other pies (Vegan and Meat) was even held as ‘a disgrace’ by a leading chief, reported The Telegraph.

A vegan pie? Give me a break. “We should all just retire now. “The oldest culinary art form left in the world and the vegans have taken it away. It’s a disgrace,” are among the other comments the vegan pie received alongside the tile of ‘Supreme Champion.’ 

There is no doubt, not everything is accepted equally well by everybody. Vehemence and appreciation are two parts of the same coin. Our winner pie has got em all. What do you think, mention in the comments below.

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