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From Vegan Easter Candy To Eco-Grass: A List Of Vegan Easter Essentials

by | April 15, 2019

This year the Easter bunny is coming with the cruelty-free stamp of approval! We’ve created the ultimate list of vegan Easter must-haves; fill your little ones’ baskets with these sweet treats and celebrate rebirth in a way that will create a positive impact on our environment and the lives of animals. After all, there isn’t a way you can go wrong with a vegan Easter candy, eco-eggs and grass!

Plant a seed of compassion this year with vegan Easter goodies

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From Vegan Easter Candy To Eco-Grass: A List Of Must-Haves You Can’t Possibly Miss

Eco Eggs

Credits: Eco Eggs website

Just like the name suggests, these are 100% recyclable BPA-free Easter eggs that your kid would absolutely love. Made from non-toxic durable plastic, these Eco Eggs use less energy and can be re-used for many Easters.

Natural Easter Grass

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Not just the candy and eggs, even the grass used to decorate around the nesting eggs have been veganized! This Natural Easter grass is nonplastic, crinkly and soft- just the way it should be minus the toxic plastic. Make your basket perfect with nesting eggs filler natural grass.

Vegan Easter Candy: A List Of Must-Haves You Can't Possibly Miss
vegan Easter candy so yum that even the pretend bunny wants a bite


Credit: Moo Free Vegan

Want to enjoy dairy free, gluten free, soy free plant-based Easter candy, chocolates, and bars? Moo has an extensive range to tantalize your taste buds. The creamy yet vegan-friendly treats are a delight for adults and kids, and will leave you wanting for more. The plant-based range includes organic sea salt and caramel Easter egg, organic 65% dark Easter egg, Easter Bunnycomb egg, organic cheeky orange egg, Mini Moos Bars, and many more. Check the entire range here.

Image provided by Moo Free

Surf Sweets By Wholesome

Image by Raise Vegan

Surf Sweets has such an amazing selection of vegan organic candies that will make any Easter basket rock! Their vegan candies include their Organic Fruity Bears, Sour Worms, DelishFish, Cinnamon Bears, Watermelon Rings, Fruit Chews, and the cutest Organic Bunny Lollipops. Use Code: EASTER20 for 20% Off Easter Favorites.

Image by Raise Vegan


Credits: Unreal website

UnReal does take the vegan Easter candy and chocolate game to an unreal level. Their vegan-friendly range is also non-GMO verified, made from sustainable organic ingredients sourced through fair trade, gluten-free* with no artificial additives. Unbelievably good, isn’t it? Check out dark chocolate peanut butter cups, dark chocolate almond butter cups, dark chocolate crispy peanut butter cup, and many more. Shop the entire range here.

*almond and peanut butter cups are certified Gluten free.

Alter Eco

Image by Raise Vegan

Alter Eco bar, clusters and truffles are pure love! They’re perfectly crafted with care vegan delicacies take enlightened indulgence to whole new levels. Be it clusters, bars or truffles- each goody comes in good-natured packaging, i.e. compostable wrappers. The mantra is to go back to mother Earth and contribute towards the environment in every sense.

And, there’s an Easter sale going on. Use code ‘CODE EASTER19’ and get 15% OFF on your orders. Shop the entire range here.

Image by Raise Vegan


GoMacro minibars make for the perfect healthy Easter basket treat! Along with their ethical practices, GoMacro focuses on giving back to the community and will be doing, even more, this spring by donating 10% of proceeds to Farm Sanctuary! Feel good all around with these tasty bars for Easter! Use code RV30 for 30% off and FREE SHIPPING!

MeringueShop Baker’s Decorating Kit

Credit: Meringueshop

For Easter baking fun, use the Meringueshop’s Baking Kit to decorate your cupcakes, cookies, and other treats! Plant-based and naturally colored, these pastel sprinkles will make you and the kiddos smile! Use code RAISEVEGAN10 to receive a 10% discount on the BAKER’S DECORATING KIT

No Whey Chocolate

Do we need to elaborate on no whey? These are some really awesome vegan Easter candy and chocolates that are peanut free, tree nuts free, gluten free, soy free, and with no artificial coloring or additives. Completely Kosher and vegan devoid of the eight common allergens! Shop them here.

Organic Candy Factory

Image by The Organic Candy Factory

Organic Candy Factory prides itself as the world’s first Organic Kosher Gummy Cubs. Their mixed berry gummy cubs and peach gummy cubs are not only vegan-friendly, but also nut-free, Kosher, gluten-free, GMO-free, tree-nut free, pesticide free, preservatives free, and non-corn syrup based. Shop them here. Use code VEGANEASTER20 to get 20% OFF! Order now!

Image by The Organic Candy Factory


Image provided by Seitenbacher

Seitenbacher turned their longstanding dream to reality with their gummy vegan Easter candy. With 8 years invested in developing, they came up with animal products free options. This means their gummy candies are devoid of gelatin, white sugar, starch, and anything artificial. What’s more, they are free of gluten and milling products, such as wheat starch or powder. Shop them here. Use code seiten45 to avail 15% discount!

Which of these vegan Easter goodies did you love the best? Let us know in the comments below.

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