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How To Set Up A Safe Nursery

by | July 10, 2019

Setting up your baby’s nursery is an exciting and fun experience. Deciding the color scheme, what items you will need, the soft furnishings and how it will look can allow your imagination to run wild. Here are a few tips on helping you set up a safe nursery for your bundle of joy.

How To Set Up A Safe Nursery
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How To Set Up A Safe Nursery

There is one side of setting up a nursery that needs careful thought and planning, that is, nursery safety. Nursery safety may not be as fun as choosing a color scheme, pretty linen, and wall decals, but it is an integral part of making sure you have a safe space for you and bub once they are here. Some things you may need to be aware of according to Tiny Hearts Education are: 

Cot Or Bassinet 

Getting a pretty cot might be high on your list of priorities, but don’t overlook that all bassinets and cots should meet adequate safety standards in your country. This means that the product has been tested and is certified safe for sleep. 

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How To Set Up A Safe Nursery

As pretty as soft toys, bumpers and pretty blankets can look, it is best not to leave them in the cot while your baby is sleeping. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) guidelines state that any blankets should be firmly tucked into the end of the cot and not be able to reach above chest height. A firm flat mattress should also be used according to Tiny Hearts Education

Nappy Changing Station 

All items to do with changing your baby’s nappy should be in reach of the nappy changing station. This is to help minimise the potential for your baby to roll off the change table onto the floor. 


Make sure all heavy furniture is affixed to a wall. This is especially important as your little one starts to become more mobile. 

Electrical Appliances 

Make sure cords and electrical appliances are out of grasp of your little one. 


All toys should be safety certified and in good condition. You should only have age-appropriate toys for your little one. This will help avoid choking hazards. You should always supervise your child while they are playing with their toys. 

This list is not exhaustive but will help give you some ideas to make sure that you set up a safe nursery for your new bundle of joy. 

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