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Japan to Resume Commercial Whale Hunting From July 1

by | June 20, 2019

Japan is reportedly resuming its decades-long pause on commercial whale hunting that was enforced way back in 1988 after the moratorium was adopted by the International Whaling Commission in 1982. But Japan did continue with the ‘scientific research’ despite international criticism, and now the country is going to resume the same cruel practice, according to multiple reports. Know more here.

commercial whale hunting
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Japan to Resume Commercial Whale Hunting After A 30 Year-Long Pause

Japan’s local fishery source said to Japan Times, on July 1, a fleet of five vessels will depart Japan’s Kushiro, Hokkaido, marking the wake of the 30-year-old slumber of culling the majestic creatures since their withdrawal from the International Whaling Commission. Japan, last year reportedly took off its commitment from the IWC.

The five vessels will set off from the cost of Kushiro and the whaling operation will be reportedly continued for one week, according to the reports and the whaling will be limited within the Japanese waters and not internally. Each vessel will fish from Minamiboso, among other areas for Berardius whales until the end of August. After this phase is complete, the vessels will reportedly meet back at Kushiro in September and resume their hunt until October, this time, for minke whales, Japan Times reports.

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yoshihide Suga criticized the IWC for not paying enough heed in the development of a sustainable Whaling industry and focused too much on whale conservation. Japan Greenpeace last year reportedly condemned the formal government announcement of resuming the cruelty and called for official withdrawal.

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