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Manchester United Defender Chris Smalling Praises Vegan Diet

by | April 18, 2019

The Manchester United Defender Chris Smalling Praises Vegan Diet. He went vegan back in 2017, has seen so many improvements in his life that he would even like to drop kicking a leather football and wearing leather boots if he could. Read on to know more.

Chris Smalling Praises Vegan Diet
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Chris Smalling Praises Vegan Diet; Shares His Vegan Story

The 29-year-old Manchester United defender is in high praises for his new plant based diet, since transition in 2017. The footballer has admitted that he no longer consumes eggs, fish, red meat and chicken. He has even admitted that he would prefer not to use leather boots or balls. Chris Smalling, who has won 31 England Cups, shared that the dramatic changes in his diet have helped him with tendonitis in his knees and also lessened his recovery times, according to Irish Mirror.

However, he mentioned that there are times when he has to concede to “parts of the game” despite his beliefs. He told Men’s Health that he has stopped buying leather, but, “I still have to kick a leather ball but that is not my choice.” He even mentioned that one day there might be an alternative and Nike is working on non-leather football boots.

Credit: @ChrisSmalling/ Twitter
Chris Smalling Praises Vegan Diet

Sharing more about his plant based diet, he said veganism has been becoming increasingly popular at the headquarters of Manchester United in Carrington, specifying that “vegan meatballs are a hit.” He said he takes a couple of protein shakes but they’re plant-based.

“I’m used to playing twice a week and, the second day after a game, I’d normally be very sore,” he said, adding that since he went vegan, he “bounces back” faster.

Chris Smalling Praises Vegan Diet

Smalling and his wife Sam have co-authored a book on their new plant-based lifestyle with meal plans and recipes, which is supposed to be released by the end of this year. What do you think about the defender’s comments on his plant-based diet? There is no doubt how healthy such a diet is, and it is repeatedly being established. Let me know in the comments below.

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