Meet Vegan Moms From Stockholm: Talking With Sanna

by | May 13, 2019

As a part of the interviews series with vegan moms from Stockholm and the Raise Vegan’s ‘people of veganism’ features, our Sweden-based PR Director Annika Lundkvist interviewed Stockholm-based vegan mother Sanna Dahlin.

Originally from Sundsvall, Sweden, Sanna now lives in Stockholm with her husband Steve, 6-year-old daughter Isabella, 5-year-old son Douglas and 10-year-old cat Skrutten. She blogs about vegan life and also manages the FB group “Veganföräldrar Stockholm”.

“I look forward to more vegan shops, cafés, hotels, and restaurants. I would love to see that vegan becomes the standard meal at every school, hospital, government, and company. I wish for meat-taxes and cheaper prices on fruit and greens in the stores! It should cost less to eat healthily!”

Sanna, Sanna’s Website:
Meet Vegan Moms From Stockholm: Talking With Sanna
Photo: Annika Lundkvist

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Meet Vegan Moms From Stockholm: Talking With Sanna

Here are the excerpts from the interview.

How long have you been vegan and why did you initially embrace veganism?

Sanna: I was 12 when I stopped eating meat. I loved all animals and couldn’t understand why people torture, kill animals and eat their meat. I remember my family didn’t think I would last a week and made bets how long I would last. But I never caved because I knew in my heart that I had made the right decision. I didn’t know a single person or child who was a vegetarian, for years I was the only one in school.

When my daughter was born she turned out to be allergic to milk and eggs so she became a vegan. Then 3,5 years ago I finally decided I also wanted to embrace veganism and stopped drinking milk in the coffee at work, which was the last thing stopping me from calling myself a vegan. I was and still am a huge coffee lover and was so pleased when Oatly came out with their amazing Ikaffe which saved me. Today I am vegan for everything, the animals, the planet, my kids future, and my health. But I wish I would have done that much sooner!

Meet Vegan Moms From Stockholm: Talking With Sanna
Credits: Annika Lundkvist

Does veganism affect or influence your work or hobbies in any way? If so how?

Sanna: Yes, I talk about my vegan passion with everyone I meet. I started last year to share my recipes and the positive benefits of the plant-based lifestyle. I started the blog because I wanted to encourage others to embrace veganism, to make the transition easier by giving tips and tricks and share how to raise vegan kids. I also started “Vegoparents Sthlm” which is a Facebook group where vegan parents in Stockholm can plan meet-ups and help each other to raise vegan kids. It is also a goal for the future for me to share my passion for veganism and business with others and help other female entrepreneurs to succeed.

What areas of vegan lifestyle and advocacy are you particularly interested in?

Sanna: I am very passionate about environmental issues and saving the planet, how we can all work together to slow the climate crisis by raising awareness and helping people to live sustainably. It is so important to educate people, it is urgent that we act now if we want there to be a planet for our kids to live on. There are so many benefits in embracing veganism and so many good alternatives to meat today. I am a huge animal lover and wish I could spend more time helping animals in some way. I am also very into raw food and how it can heal your body, I feel amazing when I am mainly eating fruit and greens.

What is your perception of the vegan scene in Stockholm? 

Sanna: The vegan scene in Stockholm is small, but growing rapidly which make me very happy. It is still tough sometimes to go out and eat but it is easier now when many restaurants have started with serving plant-based options. But I still think that the best vegan food is served in my kitchen. 

What is your perception about the development of the vegan movement in Sweden and Scandinavia at large?

Sanna: People are embracing veganism but the companies can’t keep up the speed! The movement isn’t going fast enough! Yesterday I was in 7/11 and looking into the counter and asked ‘Hey, what here is vegan?’ and she replied nothing! Stuff like that is very weird. How can’t there be plant-based options? There should be a law stating that there always have to be vegan options, When I am traveling I always have a filled bag with food because it is so hard to find something plant-based on the road. I always ask in every store, gas station and shop I walk into if they have something vegan, just to show that there is a need.

Meet Vegan Moms From Stockholm: Talking With Sanna
Credits: Annika Lundkvist

What developments do you look forward to seeing with the vegan movement over the next several years?

Sanna: I look forward to more vegan shops, hotels, and restaurants. I would love to see vegan becoming the standard meal at every school, hospital, government, company, etc and that meat is the special food which is hard to get. I want meat-taxes and cheaper prices on fruit and greens in the stores!

What are some of your families favorite dishes to enjoy or make together?

Sanna: We love to cook together and the kids are very helpful in the kitchen. I believe in teaching your kids to cook food as early as possible, it is a fantastic gift to your kids, the love of good food. We eat a lot of Swedish tacos! We do a LOT of juices, smoothies, and ice cream and are buying a huge amount of bananas. We love bananas. The kids love vegan baking, especially baking cakes and muffins. They also request my banana pancakes every week, which are delicious so I can’t blame them.

Stay tuned to meet a few more vegan moms from Stockholm. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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