Photo by Kinderladen Mokita

Vegan Schools Around the World: Raise Vegan Chats With Mokita Kinderladen

by | May 12, 2019

As part of a series on vegan schools around the world, Raise Vegan chatted with Lucien Coy, one of the founders of Frankfurt-based Mokita Kinderladen and a member of Veggie-Kids e.V., the board that is administratively in charge of the school. Mokita Kinderladen is exclusively for children aged 3 years to 6 years and has a current enrollment of 40 children. Read on for more about the first vegan Kindergarten in Frankfurt, Germany, plant-based since its inception in 2018!

Vegan Schools Around the World: Raise Vegan Chats With Mokita Kinderladen
Photo by Kinderladen Mokita

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Vegan Schools Around the World: Raise Vegan Chats With Mokita Kinderladen

Photo by Kinderladen Mokita

When was Mokita founded?

Lucien: 2018, although the concept dates back to 2012. It was nearly impossible to find a suitable space, this is why it took so long for us to open the Kindergarten. As an aside: we originally started Mokita because we couldn’t find vegan options for our own (= the founders’) kids, who were 1 years old at the time that we first spoke about the idea. When we finally opened Mokita, they were in their second year of school, so we were a little late for them to benefit.

Photo by Kinderladen Mokita
Vegan Schools Around the World: Raise Vegan Chats With Mokita Kinderladen

What is the importance of veganism at Mokita?

Lucien: It’s the whole idea – or at least the foundation – of the school’s concept, along with a progressive pedagogical concept and a focus on diversity and inclusion. Originally, the idea came up because we ourselves didn’t know what to do with our kids who had grown up vegan so far. Vegan options were frowned upon in at least 90% of the available kindergartens, so we decided to do it ourselves. 

Photo by Kinderladen Mokita

Sample weekly menu: 


A selection of homemade muesli, rolls, spreads, juice, and smoothies


Lunch: Potatoes and vegetable skewers with soy yogurt

Snack: Berry Tart


 Lunch: Fried ravioli with potato and cucumber salad

Snack: stuffed cherry tomatoes


Lunch: Pumpkin soup with roasted seeds

Snack: rice pudding & fruit salad


Lunch: Hot dogs and coleslaw

Snack: Crunchy vegetables and strawberry milk


Lunch: Jackfruit fricassee with mixed vegetables and rice.

Snack: Jellied pudding with vanilla sauce

Alongside the snack, our cook uses whatever vegetables are left from preparing lunch to create smoothies and/or crudités, so he avoids throwing away food as much as possible.

Photo by Kinderladen Mokita

How many staff members do you have and what number of them are vegan?

Lucien: We have 13 staff and about half are vegan. All of our staff fully support the concept, though, and obviously, Mokita being a vegan kindergarten played a big role in them being interested in working with us. I think none of the staff eat meat, apart from maybe the housekeeping person. 

Photo by Kinderladen Mokita

What sets your school apart from others?

Lucien: Our 100% vegan meals – we have an actual cook who used to work in vegan and vegetarian restaurants before he came to work with us. Our meals are nutritious and healthy, but also very tasty and very creative. Our cook even bakes our rolls, mixes our muesli, makes spreads from scratch, etc. One reason – next to him loving to do all this – is the fact that we also have a few kids who have severe allergies. At Mokita, they can eat anything that we serve without having to think about it. 
Also, our focus on inclusion and diversity, which includes all backgrounds of families – cultural, economic, social – which we’ve always made a priority. We decided early on to integrate our kindergarten in the municipal offering, so we don’t charge more than almost every other kindergarten that is available to the public (as opposed to private establishments, which are comparatively rare in Germany). In Frankfurt specifically, families don’t have to pay anything apart from the food, which makes it easy to be extremely inclusive, something that is very important to us. 

Last, but not least, we make a strong effort to be very open and inclusive about gender roles and we try to avoid stereotypes as best we can. There are no “boys” or “girls’“ toys for us, and every kid can be what they want to be, dress the way they like, and play how and with whom they like. 

Some of the unique programs also offered include yoga, music, and gardening.

Stay tuned to learn more about vegan schools around the world. Let us know your thoughts behind Mokita’s concept below.

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