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Prep Up! Cleveland Veg Fest 2019 Coming Up on May 18th

by | May 11, 2019

Looking for a fest where you can boost your veganism? The nearest is upcoming on 18th May at the Huntington Convention center. Cleveland Veg Fest 2019 could be the place you’d love to visit for vegan food devouring, cruelty-free shopping and collecting inspirations from some of the compassionate minds out there. Know more here.

Prep Up! Cleveland Veg Fest 2019 Coming Up on May 18th
Credit: Cleveland VegFest / Facebook

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Cleveland Veg Fest 2019 to Occur on May 18th at Huntington Convention Center

There will be food demo, yoga sessions, kid’s interactive activities, yoga sessions and some mouthwatering dishes to try out, among many other things. You can also shop in the cruelty-free market that will come with it, reports Patch. Starting from 11 a.m. you can enjoy the fest until 7 p.m. Entry is free, however, you are suggested to make a $ 5 donation and if you’re lucky and among the first 7,000 guests to donate the amount, you could take home a tote bag for free. This year, as much as 15,000 guests are expected to attend the Cleveland Veg Fest ‘19 at the Huntington Convention Center. Last year, the Veg Fest was reportedly one of the five most attended events in the same venue. This year, certainly, hopes are higher. Thanks to ever-increasing veganism.

Credit: Cleveland VegFest 2019/ Facebook

Exhibitors said that this year’s vegan food offering is going to be off the charts, entailing to dishes like sushi, ribs and even wings and tacos and of course the desserts.

“This is food that even hardcore meat and dairy enthusiasts will love.

“Our challenge will be managing lines and making sure vendors bring enough food for the hungry crowds.”

Chair Cori Knol via

Foods, Movie Screening and More

Don’t just get swayed by the excellent vegan food and shopping offerings, the Veg Fest will have much more to it. There will be movie screenings and sessions where speakers will speak on veganism, animal rights, and environmental impact from animal farming and social justice. To let you know, Captain Paul Watson will be the honorary keynote speaker at the event. He is Canadian-American marine wildlife conservation and environmental activist. He is the founder of direct action and anti-poaching group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and founder of Greenpeace. Other speakers include “The Vegan Pediatrician,” Dr. Natalie Santiago, Brenda Davis, RD, speaking on ‘Dispelling Nutrition Myths’ and Christopher Sebastian speaking on ‘Race, Class, and Species,’ among others.

With more than 15000 people expected to head the Huntington Convention Center, are you excited for the Cleveland Vegfest 2019? Let me know your thoughts below.

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