Milk Ice Cream For Vegan Kids? Startup Launches Ice Cream Recreating Milk

by | July 16, 2019

Innovations such as ‘meatless meat’ and ‘fishless fish’ are catching up quite fast in the market. Of course, milk won’t be far behind. Now, a ‘milkless milk’ ice cream for vegan kids is on the way, thanks to tech start-up Perfect Day.

Milk Ice-Cream For Vegan Kids? Startup Launches Ice-cream Recreating Milk
Credit: by Marie Osaki/ Pixabay

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Milk Ice Cream For Vegan Kids? Startup Launches Ice Cream Recreating Milk

Silicon Valley start-up Perfect Day launched an entirely new range of vegan ice cream made from real milk. But how’s this even possible? Well, the company has found a cruelty-free means to recreating the proteins of dairy milk without the use of cows.

Similar to Impossible Foods’ use of their proprietary plant-based substitute heme, which gives their burger patty the realistic look, feel, taste and texture of beef, Perfect Day has recreated dairy protein using ‘microflora’ to give their vegan ice cream the standalone taste, media outlet Entrepreneur reports. Perfect Day has dubbed their tech ‘flora based dairy’ on their website. Now your vegan kids can enjoy those tempting vanilla soft serves thanks to Perfect Day.

According to the company, they seek to retain the nutritionally beneficial protein of cow’s milk, namely whey and casein, without bothering a single cow. This led the company to derive the proteins, which give dairy the taste and nutrition, and fermenting them to create the like-milk alternative.

The Product was Just a Teaser?

Now knowing all the great features of the wonderful new venture, you may wonder when your nearest retailer will stock the hormone, lactose, cholesterol, and pathogen-free vegan ice cream?

According to Entrepreneur, Perfect Day launched the ice cream (costing $60 for three pints plus shipping) as a highlight to their mastery- proving it is possible to enjoy a similarly tasty ice cream to dairy-based ones – without the use of cow’s milk at all. However, Perfect Day wants to supply the ‘dairy’ protein created from microflora to suppliers, and not sell products as such. 

Ryan Pandya, CEO & Co-Founder of Perfect Day stated: “It is the equivalent to domesticating the ‘modern dairy cow. [The ice cream] shows the food world how it can be used. A huge part of this is about communication. It’s more than just making a new kind of protein. It’s making sure people understand how it works.”

The company originally set out to make a liquid milk alternative, according to the report, but changed their perception after they noticed interest from companies in ‘whey.’ “The FDA definition for animal products come from an era when there was only one way to make them, and therefore they are limited in scope,” Pandya told media outlet VegNews. “Today, that is no longer the case and the definition should be based on what the product actually is versus where it came from,” he added.

Apart from relieving cows from the torturous practices of factory farming, this measure to recreate dairy is also sustainable and greener. Using the same raw materials, other delicious dairy products like cheese and yogurt can be produced as well, without the cruelty.

What do you think about this new venture by Perfect Day? Do your vegan kids love ice cream? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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