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People Share Some of the Funniest Comments They Heard After Going Vegan

by | June 19, 2019

Like it or not, a lot of us did receive some interesting comments as soon as we announced our intentions of going vegan. Here are a few to give you a chuckle!

People Share Some of The Funniest Comments They Heard After Going Vegan
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People Share Some of the Funniest Comments They Heard After Going Vegan

According to Google, veganism is one of the most researched topics of 2019, and is frequently encountered in our daily life from food and fashion to documentaries and films.

Many people, including famous artists, doctors, and even well-known athletes point to these positive developments in their lives in regard to their health and being vegan. Undoubtedly, one of the most important factors making veganism famous are the genius names in history and science who are vegan/vegetarian. In fact, even though it is initially perceived as a form of nutrition, veganism expands to a permanent lifestyle related to compassion and animal rights. As people get used to this topic, many funny and interesting questions and comments arise.

We asked vegans: What was the most interesting question you encountered?

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Dr. Oguzcan Kinikoglu, Internal Specialist, shared one of the most hilarious and unfortunately, one of the most frequently asked questions. The question is – ‘but if we don’t eat animals, wouldn’t they take over the world‘?

Dr. Oguzcan answered this question in stride – “Yes, I understand your concern about the risk of animals reproducing uncontrollably and taking over the world. However, there is a point that we have missed and that we must focus on, the fact that animals are constantly produced for the benefit of people!”

“Since veganism is already opposed to animal exploitation, the number of farm animals will naturally decrease with the spread of veganism, and will settle into the natural conditions,” Dr. Oguzcan further added.

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Unsal Arik, The World Boxing Champion, shared one of the most interesting comments he has ever heard. Someone once told him “your career is over.” Another person said “I think you eat meat secretly,” which made him laugh so much. Unsal stated veganism is neither a phase nor a trend…it’s an Animal Liberation Movement!

Absolutely on point! As for the ‘career is over’ comment, guess who is having the last laugh 🙂

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Personally, I have dealt with my fair share of comments after people learned about my plans to go vegan. Most of them responded with – “but, plants suffer too.” At first, I thought they were actually joking, but at the point where I understood their seriousness, I tried to remind them plants have no brain, and they do not have a nociceptive immune end or any kind of immune system. This is why comparing plants with animals is meaningless.

Just as it wouldn’t make sense to compare plants to humans, if we want to defend plant rights, the most accurate way is to be vegan. This is because the animals produced and grown to be used for meat and milk consume more plants than vegans as a whole.

John Oberg, Social Media Professional, said, “the funniest question I get when I tell people I’m vegan, is their concern that farm animals are going to take over the world if we don’t eat them. I let them know that for one, society will gradually stop eating animals over a long period of time, so supply will decline as demand declines. Secondly, I let them know those farm animals don’t have evil intentions of world domination, so they shouldn’t worry too much.” 🙂

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Vegan Athlete Dominick Thompson shared the response he gave when someone told him, ‘I can’t go vegan because I like chocolate too much!’ His response was, “actually, chocolate comes from plants and it’s healthy. It’s when dairy and sugar is added it becomes less healthy.”

UFC Fighter, Abel Trujillo, had to answer a rather awkward question. Somebody asked him if going vegan would cure erectile dysfunction. He said, “I never had that dysfunction but yes it would be the blood becoming thinner and purer it will allow more blood to flow freely everywhere in the body.”

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Sharing the funniest comment he received, singer, model, and filmmaker David Giardina said, “I was once at a gig and they were serving food, which of course was made from animal abuse. Someone spoke up “but we’re using paper plates.”

Mayuri Rajvanshi, Senior Web Editor, shared one of the hilariously misinformed suggestions she came across. She said, “I frequently hear that if I don’t drink milk I am going end up with osteoporosis. A lot of people here equate milk with healthy bones. The funniest one was when somebody told me I’ll need to drink milk when I am pregnant, at least for my baby cause the skin color would depend upon foods, especially milk, I intake. She meant I need to drink milk to have a ‘fairer‘ baby. I had a hearty laugh and didn’t respond. It was of no use trying to tell her that DNA is responsible for determining a baby’s skin color.”

What was the funniest comment you received when going vegan? Share with us in the comments below.

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