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Piers Morgan Slams A Brand New Plant-Based Variant of Percy Pig

by | May 7, 2019

The host of Good Morning Britain Piers Morgan needs no introduction when it comes to veganism. Last time while tasting the new Gregg’s vegan sausage roll, he spits the same out live on air. Now it has come up that he is equally intolerant to another recent product that is launched in the plant-based iteration. But how did he react? Read on to know more.

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Piers Morgan Slams A Brand New Plant-Based Variant of Percy Pig

British Food giant M&S recently tweaked the ingredients of the iconic British sweet and reportedly adopted plant-based version for Percy Pigs sweets. They are originally made from pig-derived gelatin. The step has supposedly been taken to embrace the growing popularity of plant-based eaters and others who don’t eat pork.

But M&S’s catering idea didn’t make Piers Morgan happy, who came up with a brand new rant. The famous T.V personality and the host of Good Morning Britain show reportedly tried the product on the sets but the Percy Pigs with the green ear (new plant-based variant) couldn’t impress him.

He went on to slam vegans, saying that they need to ‘get their own sweets.’ He goes on to say he never got a chance to taste the original version, further confessing- his meat-heavy diet is the reason why he gained 2-inches around his waistline.

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While taste testing the product, the 54-years old TV personality spit out the gummy sweet, comparing the product to ‘washing up liquid’ whereas Charlotte Tobin, present on the same set, confessed she couldn’t find any difference, reports the Daily Mail.


People over the social media posted their diverse views, with meat-lovers slamming the decision and many others favoring the same. The company wrote in a Tweet that they’ve since the last 8 years been trying to help their ‘favorite pig move away from using pork gelatine’ until their May roll-out that is 100% free from gelatin, reassuring that they’ve made every efforts to retain the original taste and texture.

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“Rest assured we haven’t changed any of the really important things that make Percy as great as he always has been,” the retailer wrote, reports the Independent.

M&S on Twitter via Independent

Some even praised the plant-based M&S product by hailing the same better than the original version. A fan of the new variant questioned- when one gets to know what goes into making gelatin why would someone even ‘passionately campaign’ to get the same into Percy Pigs (followed by laughing emojis)? According to PETA, gelatin is made from boiling skin and bones, tendons and ligaments of animals in the water.

A product going plant-based isn’t any new in a world that is more than ever inclining to plant-based diets. What do you think about Piers Morgan slamming the new plant-based variant of Percy Pigs? Let me know in comments.

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