Credit: a_dog_named_gary/ Instagram and reposted by Justin Bieber/ Instagram

Pregnancy April Fools Day “Joke” By Justin Bieber Leaves Many Fans Upset

by | April 11, 2019

Justin Bieber, heart throb of many teen girls years ago and now husband to model Hailey Baldwin, came under fire for what some deem as a distasteful April Fool’s Day joke.

Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, married Fall 2018, are a young and attractive couple, and Jailey fans can’t wait for them to eventually have cute little babies. In an Instagram post on April 1, Justin shared a photo of an ultrasound which was presumably Hailey’s. The comments section was filled with fans, friends and other celebrities congratulating the couple on the new addition to the family.

Pregnancy April Fools Day “Joke” By Justin Bieber Leaves Many Fans Upset
Credit: Justin Bieber/ Instagram

Pregnancy April Fools Day “Joke” By Justin Bieber Leaves Many Fans Upset

Some commenters were skeptical of the Bieber’s announcement and Justin’s response was to post again, this time of Hailey in a medical office with two doctors present, appearing to be examining what one could assume is a pregnancy bump. The image was captioned, “If U thought it was April Fools”, trying to dispel any theories that this pregnancy was a joke.

Justin posted one last photo that ultimately revealed that he was pulling a prank on his 107 million followers: an ultrasound portraying a small dog instead of a fetus.

Once news got around that is was in fact a prank, people were rightfully very upset about the matter. Many left comments shaming the Biebers for making a false pregnancy announcement while there are many women who are unable to have a child at all.

The following day, April 2, Justin Bieber wrote a possible apology (it didn’t seem very apologetic to most). In the apology he compared what he did to a time where he apparently smashed a piece of cake in his younger sister’s face and instead of laughing like he thought she would, she cried. He finished his apology saying that when it comes to pranks, “u sometimes have to roll that dice,” that some will be offended and some will enjoy them.

Even Justin’s own mother commented on this prank, thinking it was pretty hilarious.

Hailey has not yet commented on the situation.  

How do you feel about Justin Bieber’s April Fools Day joke? Do you think that is was just a joke or that it was distasteful? Let me know in the comments below.

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